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DOOMBIA - "Red Pilled"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

The Riff Of Revolution

In the darkest realms of metal, there are almost never songs that grace our ears with a freshness that transcend beyond the genre. Yet DOOMBIA's "Red Pilled" has done just that - it is a rare distorted celestial melody, weaving a fantastic dreamscape where musical mastery waltzes with profound intent, inviting listeners into a sublime-yet-psychedelic embrace.

Brendan Deiz's voice isn't just an instrument; it's a hauntingly beautiful echo from the chambers of raw passion. With the colorful fusion of classic metal's fierce intensity and the innovative freshness reminiscent of Twenty-One Pilots, Deiz crafts a song that reverberates with emotion - an edge sharp enough to etch a mark upon the soul, reminiscent of Metallica’s timeless impact.

Yet, just when one is submerged in the abyss of metal-laden fervor, "Red Pilled" graciously unfurls a bridge draped in entrancing latin-jazz hues. The gentle ebb and flow transport listeners to moonlit beaches, as fleeting memories of Sublime’s iconic ska elegance wistfully dance by.

Lying tenderly beneath the opulent fabric of sound, the lyrics rise as poetic verses, beckoning introspection. They delve deep, crafting an antifascist narrative that speaks of the seductive shadows of radicalization and the harrowing tremors of a hyper-capitalistic landscape. The refrain, a haunting lullaby, is a somber reminder of societal veils that obscure deeper truths.


DOOMBIA - "Red Pilled"

The very heartbeats of "Red Pilled" are inextricably intertwined with Brendan's own journey. From the resilience of healing after a debilitating injury to the startling memories of Portland's fiery nights, every note and word is a testament to a soul touched by both strife and beauty.

In "Red Pilled," Doombia hasn't merely crafted a song but has woven a rich tapestry of sonic beauty and reflection. Brendan's muse, taking cues from the enigmatic riffs of Black Sabbath and the psychedelic embrace of Peruvian chicha, creates a modern symphony that is both innovative and deeply evocative.

As an ode, "Red Pilled" beckons – urging listeners to not just hear but to feel, to ponder, and to let their souls sway in its elegant embrace. As the world waits with hushed anticipation for "Doombia: volume 1", one thing is clear: if "Red Pilled" heralds what's to come, we stand on the cusp of a luminous musical renaissance.

Check out "Red Pilled" by Doombia below!👇

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