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DISCOVERY - "Interstellar Traveller"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Across the Universe in a Cosmic Symphony

In the boundless universe of music, there are compositions that transcend mere sound to become cosmic odysseys in their own right. "Interstellar Traveller" by DISCOVERY is such a celestial gem, a masterpiece that not only navigates the vastness of the cosmos but also shapes the very essence of space and time with its auditory magnificence.

From its initial note, DISCOVERY embarks on an epic journey. The early melodies of the guitar, enriched by the wah-wah pedal's magic, lay a majestic yet groovy foundation, inviting listeners to join them on their interstellar expedition. It's as if aboard a spacecraft, where the controls are strings and percussion, each strum and beat propelling us deeper into the unknown. The rhythm, crafted by drumbeat and bass line, is at once grounded and ethereal, anchoring us as we lift off into the void.

As the lead guitar makes its entrance, it carries an epicness that echoes the legendary performances of Led Zeppelin. This is not merely a musical voyage but a heroic quest through sound, with each note painting the grandeur of interstellar travel. The guitar's descent from the heavens back to Earth is not only heard but felt, showcasing the duo's skill in crafting music that molds emotions and experiences.

The introduction of the female vocals brings an ethereal yet powerful beauty and passion. Reminiscent of Karen Carpenter's timeless elegance and Phoebe Bridgers' raw passion, DISCOVERY's vocals possess a quality that is both eternal and deeply intimate. Accompanied by the intense guitars and enchanting vocal harmonies, the space is filled with a magic and grace that envelops the listener in a realm of sonic splendor.

Lyrically, "Interstellar Traveller" ventures beyond the ordinary, choosing instead a path of imagery as limitless as the universe itself. The protagonist's stellar journey is painted not through direct narrative but through vivid, lyrical imagery, inviting listeners to release their hold on the literal and embark on a journey through cosmic metaphor. This approach, inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd, adds layers of meaning and intrigue to the track, making each listening experience a new discovery.


Reminiscent of Karen Carpenter's timeless elegance and Phoebe Bridgers' raw passion, DISCOVERY's vocals possess a quality that is both eternal and deeply intimate.


DISCOVERY, having met at Salford Uni and united by a passion for the diverse sounds of the '60s and '70s, brings a musical chemistry that is both reflective of a bygone era and strikingly innovative. Their influences, from Pink Floyd to The Beatles, from The Doors to 10cc, resonate throughout "Interstellar Traveller," yet the song remains uniquely their own. It's a fresh interpretation of the space-rock genre, a song that pays homage to its origins while laying the groundwork for future musical explorations.

The song's finale, with its unresolved dominant chord and the haunting uncertainty of return, leaves listeners adrift in the vastness of space, enveloped in the intense beauty of the vocal harmonies. It's a sublime mystery, a perfect culmination to a journey that feels both definitive and infinite.

"Interstellar Traveller" by DISCOVERY is not just a song; it's an odyssey, a transcendent voyage that goes beyond the physical to take listeners on an unforgettable journey through the cosmos. In this track, DISCOVERY not only showcases their remarkable talent and eclectic influences but also cements their place in the musical universe as true interstellar explorers.

Check out "Interstellar Traveller" by DISCOVERY below!👇


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