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Darshae Kiér "Halasana Girl"

A Display of Revolutionary Reggaeton Artist's Musical Mastery

Darshae Kiér is a pop/reggaeton artist who has been rising up the charts on Spotify. After releasing so many amazing tracks (including a breathtaking rendition of Oasis' "Wonderwall"), Darshae Kiér dropped "Halasana Girl" in September of 2019.

You never know when a song will hit, and it looks like "Halasana Girl" is starting to resonate with people during this coronavirus lockdown period. The song starts with bouncy synthesizers followed by an engaging reggaeton drumbeat, complete with fun steel drum hooks and in-your-face snare drum machine. You feel the beat in your chest, and you can't help but dance along.

Darshae Kiér’s vocals are super cool, and it's obvious this dude knows how to sing! The vocals surround you, which sucks the listener even deeper into Darshae Kiér’s world. You can feel his passion.

While it's a fun, upbeat song about a girl, the track's musical qualities are very refined. "Halasana Girl" could EASILY be a Top 10 hit. I don't think it will be too much longer before we hear this track in nightclubs all through the world.

Check out Darshae Kiér's "Halasana Girl" and more at the links below!



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