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D. myke, J Young MDK “Let’s Go To Vegas”

Top male model drops potentially chart-topping track

BAM! Coming at you today we have a fresh single by D. myke called “Let’s Go To Vegas” (feat. J Young MDK).

D. myke was born and raised in Riverside, California where he acquired his taste for music-making. Having naturally good looks (and obviously a great work ethic), he found success as a male model with some of the top brands featuring him in promotions around the world, including Giorgio Armani, Gucci, and Adidas.

It comes as no surprise to me that D. myke has had an eclectic and wide range of experiences. I can tell through his song, “Let’s Go To Vegas” that he’s an accomplished individual. Much in the same way Jamie Foxx’s music & performances speaks volumes as to his tenacity, intelligence, and creativity, I am getting the same vibes from D. myke.

The track starts off with a feel-good synth hook and some cool chop vocal hooks. Followed up by a Latin backbeat, the verse vocal enters with super shiny, clean, & interesting vocal effects. The track is built like a traditional urban pop/R&B track, but it has so many unique elements.

“Let’s Go To Vegas” sounds to me like a blend of Black Eyed Peas, Jamie Foxx, and Pit Bull. D. myke has a sound that is unforgettable, and I have no doubts that he will be climbing up the charts very soon.

Check out “Let’s Go To Vegas” by D. myke, J Young MDK below!


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