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Cosmic Anomoly - "Starry Night"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

A Celestial Sonic Adventure

Just when you think the landscape of electronic music has been fully charted, a new explorer rises to redefine the borders. Enter Cosmic Anomoly, a San Francisco-based artist who is fast becoming a star in their own right. With the latest single, "Starry Night," Cosmic Anomoly transports listeners to otherworldly dimensions, proving that music can be as infinite and mesmerizing as the cosmos.

From the very beginning, "Starry Night" sets us up on an auditory odyssey; commencing with majestic, ambient synths that feel as vast and boundless as the night sky itself. The serenity of this opening moment is akin to standing at the edge of a tranquil lake, gazing into the cosmos' endless expanse, a scene beautifully described by the artist himself.

The tranquility is broken as the listener is suddenly pulled into a vibrant, hyper-dimensional soundscape, filled with shimmering keyboard effects and rich space sounds. The main hook melody is hypnotic, reminiscent of the catchy retro tunes from the Nintendo Wii era that have recently found resurgence on TikTok. Yet, "Starry Night" is not just a tribute to nostalgia; it is a fusion of past, present, and future sounds.

The pulsating beat and powerful drums maintain an intense energy throughout, creating an infectious rhythm that could light up any dance floor. It's not just a song; it's a euphonic journey that entrances, lulls, and then sends you spinning into a dance frenzy, all within the same track.

The bridge is a sonic spectacle in itself, sweeping listeners into a dynamic intermission that feels like a swirling dance of synthesizers in the stereoscope. The intensity of the spaceship sounds amplifies, thrusting us into an intergalactic battle reminiscent of Star Wars, blaster rifles and all.

As the song reaches its climax, a resounding drum fill rings out before fading into a trippy human vocal sample, echoing into the ether like a distant star's dying light. This epilogue leaves the listener in a state of tranquillity, completing the sonic journey that Cosmic Anomoly expertly guided us through.


With the latest single, "Starry Night," Cosmic Anomoly transports listeners to otherworldly dimensions, proving tha music can be as infinite and mesmerizing as the cosmos.

"Starry Night" is an electronic epic; a celestial, sonic adventure that takes listeners on an interstellar voyage without ever leaving the dance floor. It beautifully illustrates Cosmic Anomoly's signature style - a seamless fusion of soulful melodic and progressive funk elements. One listen, and it's evident that this artist's sound transcends genres and defies the norms of electronic music.

Just as a starry night inspires wonder and invites contemplation of our place in the universe, so too does "Starry Night" by Cosmic Anomoly. It's a captivating track that not only deserves a spot on your playlist but also your attention and deep appreciation. "Starry Night" is available now on all streaming sites. In the constellation of electronic music, Cosmic Anomoly is a star that's rapidly ascending, leaving behind a trail of cosmic vibes and starlit melodies.

Check out "Starry Night" by Cosmic Anomoly below!👇





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