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CODA NOVA - "To Be A Burden"

Updated: Aug 24

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

An Epic Theatrical Resurgence in Progressive Rock

The echoes of the greats resonate powerfully in CODA NOVA's debut track, “To Be A Burden." From its ethereal opening that pulls you into a world of ambient synth and strings to the sudden shock of a biting guitar riff, it's evident that this isn't just another rock song; it's a symphony of emotions.

Channelling the vocal prowess of rock icons like Geddy Lee (of RUSH) and Claudio Sanchez (of COHEED & CAMBRIA), CODA NOVA introduces us to an intense, uplifting anthem that feels both new and comfortably nostalgic. The robust drums create an unmistakable heartbeat, keeping time amidst a sea of melodies and harmonies, while the aggressive guitars serve as a reminder of the trials and tribulations faced by every individual in this world.

One cannot overlook the sheer brilliance of the production. It is pristine and polished, yet it oozes with raw rock charisma. Just when you think the song has shown all its cards, the bridge takes you to an electrifying guitar solo battlefield, filled with surprises at every turn. Amidst intricate drum patterns and fervent guitar work. "To Be A Burden" is indeed a sonic spectacle, showcasing CODA NOVA’s adeptness and attention to the finest details.

The grandiosity of the "To Be A Burden"'s conclusion is nothing short of an ode to the likes of Queen. It is regal, monumental, and seems custom-made for the echoing chambers of the largest arenas.


Pictured above: CODA NOVA

CODA NOVA has skillfully captured the golden essence of rock and made it relevant for today's listeners. While echoing inspirations from Pink Floyd and Rush, their distinct flavor shines through, making it clear that they are not mere imitators but pioneers in their own right.

Born in the tumultuous period of 2020, the Atlanta-based band's music reflects a dance of chaos and beauty, a audible tapestry woven from both past and present threads. With meticulous guitar work and the heartfelt vocals of Max Eve, they promise not just music but an experience - a rollercoaster of emotions and sonic delights.

To Be A Burden" is more than just a song; it’s a narrative about the human spirit, about our indomitable will to rise above adversity. It’s about the choices we make and the paths we take, even when the world seems to be working against us.

CODA NOVA has set the bar exceedingly high with their debut. But if “To Be A Burden” is any indication of what’s to come, rock enthusiasts are in for a thrilling renaissance. Join the revolution and let CODA NOVA carry you on a journey of epic musical proportions!

Check out "To Be A Burden" by CODA NOVA below!👇


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