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Carchar - "Never Felt This Good"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Alt-Rock Artist's Epic is Packed with Raw Emotion

Today I got an amazing opportunity to review a modern day epic-alt ballad, "Never Felt This Good," the single from Pennsylvania-based artist CARCHAR, which takes listeners on an emotional and evocative journey through the world of modern pop-punk and alt-indie-rock, combined with a dash of fresh hip-hop influences. This epic song showcases the raw talent and vulnerability of this up-and-coming artist who goes by the stage name CARCHAR, derived from a genus of sharks known as carcharodon.

The song is a reflection of personal struggle and the impact of relationships on one's well-being. Carchar, whose real name is Elijah, candidly shares that the idea for the song came to him during a car ride with his then-partner, and it explores the uncertainty of the relationship's future; and the underlying theme is that of self-doubt and not feeling good enough.

Influenced by a diverse range of artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Kennyhoopla, Ghostemane, Marilyn Manson, and Lewis Capaldi, Carchar has created a unique sound that blends genres while maintaining a personal touch. His passion for songwriting is evident in the heartfelt lyrics combined with an awe-inspiring anthemic vocal performance that evokes a deep, deep emotional connection.

The lyrics reveal a story of personal struggle, love, and the hope that comes with finding someone who brings the light into one's life. The song creatively starts with a casual conversation, then transitions into the main theme, where Carchar musically admits life can be hard and difficult at times. Yet, he has "never felt this good" and wonders if he could ever truly be a part of his partner's life.

Carchar's vocal performance on this track is nothing short of mesmerizing; he proudly showcases his broad, anthemic vocal range which brings authentic, raw, and EXCITING emotions to the song. The stripped-down modern instrumentation adds a delicate, intimate layer to the overall composition, enhancing the vulnerability and honesty within the lyrics.



As the song progresses, Carchar sings about the comfort of knowing his partner will be there for him, even in his sleep, and the fear of losing this newfound happiness. The song concludes with an extremely passionate build-up repetition of the chorus - symbolically reinforcing the feeling of hope and the desire to be a part of his partner's life.

"Never Felt This Good" is a powerful and captivating modern day epic-alt-ballad that showcases Carchar's talent as a vocalist, songwriter, and emotional storyteller. It is a testament to his passion for creating music that speaks to the heart and resonates with listeners. We are excited to see where Carchar's career goes - and anxiously await his next EPIC single!


Check out "Never Felt This Good" by CARCHAR below!👇


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