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Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

A Hauntingly Beautiful Tribute to the Golden Age of Alternative Rock

From the heart of New Jersey emerges a musical gem that harks back to the golden era of grunge and alternative rock. "Timeless," the epic alt-rock single from BRIAN SCOTT ELMER, is a stirring, passionate acoustic ballad that seamlessly melds the raw emotional intensity of Soundgarden with the haunting introspection of Alice in Chains.

Brian Scott Elmer draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including Black Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, and an array of 80's rock and metal. However, it's the ghost of Chris Cornell that seems to hover most palpably over "Timeless," as featured vocalist Rudiger's impassioned performance echoes the legendary Soundgarden frontman's characteristic wails and whispers.

Opening with a dark-yet-somehow-bright-and-epic sounding acoustic guitar, the listener is immediately drawn into the melancholic-yet-somehow-also-vibrant soundscape of "Timeless." This epic and unique sound is not easy to create - but Brian Scott Elmer has managed to do it. Rudiger's voice soon joins in, weaving a poignant, soulful narrative throughout.



My favorite part of the song occurs at 2:15 until the song's final chord. This active-yet-ethereal structural change is underscored by a mesmerizing blend of guitars and an epic Hofner-esque bass guitar that dances around the root while maintaining a solid low-end anchor. As the music swells, Rudiger's vocals soar skyward, giving life to the haunting refrain, "We were always...we were TIMELESS." The harmonies are exquisite, creating a sense of weightlessness that transports the listener to a higher plane.

As the song reaches its climax, Brian Scott Elmer unleashes an electrifying guitar solo, channeling the spirit of the 80's rock gods that inspired him. The passion in Rudiger's voice intensifies, providing a fitting conclusion to this intense musical journey.

"Timeless" is a testament to Brian Scott Elmer's mastery of his craft and ability to invoke the essence of the past, while also carving out a distinct niche in today's musical landscape. This transcendent epic rock ballad is sure to resonate with fans of alternative rock, grunge, and anyone just looking for great music. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the intense emotion and haunting beauty of "Timeless" – a song that will surely live up to its name.

Check out "Timeless" by Brian Scott Elmer below!👇


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