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Brian Purnell - "What You Doing Tonight?"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

The Sound of Modern Nostalgia

In a music world saturated with manufactured pop anthems and recycled beats, there's a fresh breeze blowing from the direction of Baltimore, Maryland, and it goes by the name of Brian Purnell. Hailing from a city steeped in a rich heritage of diverse music, Purnell delivers his fresh and vibrant R&B track “What You Doing Tonight?,” a song that masterfully bridges the gap between past and present, with its nostalgic 90s vibe and contemporary production.

Purnell's composition starts off with a moody jazz saxophone and powerful drums, immediately pulling listeners into its grasp. The instrumental maintains its strength and purpose, providing a sturdy foundation upon which Purnell's vocals can shine. And shine they do - Brian Purnell's voice erupts, full of energy and emotion, and is wrapped in a shiny chorus effect that elevates it to an otherworldly plane. His vocal dexterity is unquestionable, fluidly switching between Usher-esque crooning and a rap style reminiscent of a Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre collaboration.

The lyrics of "What You Doing Tonight?" seamlessly marry the audacious confidence of hip-hop with the emotional vulnerability of R&B, creating a narrative that is both compelling and relatable. This is not a simple call to a potential love interest; it is a bold proclamation of intent, an open invitation to a night filled with possibilities.

The bridge section thrusts listeners into a part laden with vocal improvisations, showcasing Purnell’s broad range and his ability to experiment with melodies while retaining the essence of the song. The song wraps up with the same moody jazz saxophone and drum combo, concluding in a cool retro-style fade-out, leaving an indelible print on listeners' hearts and minds.

One of the most striking aspects of this song is its unique fusion of the old and the new. Brian Purnell is clearly influenced by 90s R&B and the hip-hop icons he grew up listening to, but his sound is no mere replica. Instead, he melds these influences with modern production techniques to create something entirely his own.


Brian Purnell's voice erupts, full of energy and emotion, and is wrapped in a shiny chorus effect that elevates it to an otherworldly plane.

Moreover, Brian Purnell's passion for music, which has been nurtured over nine years, shines throughout the track. He has taken inspiration from iconic figures like 50 Cent and DJ Quik and locally renowned artists like Young Moose, Tae Wilson, and Lor Scoota, among others.

What You Doing Tonight?” is a thrilling exploration of the R&B genre, pulling from its roots while looking ahead to its future. The charm of Brian Purnell's sound is his authenticity. His respect for the genre is clear, as is his intention to bring it into the modern age. Through his music, he’s created a space where the lines between old-school and the new are blurred, where all that matters is the groove, the melody, and the message.

This track serves as a testament to Purnell's growth and potential. With “What You Doing Tonight?”, Brian Purnell is, without doubt, making a lasting impression. And we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Check out "What You Doing Tonight?" by Brian Purnell below!👇

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