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BIG SEXY - "The Admiral's Daughter"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Rock Meets Funk in BIG SEXY's Stirring Saga

Rock legends BIG SEXY have graced the MusicFarmer5 digital stage yet again - delivering another musical tour de force with "The Admiral's Daughter". Navigating the tumultuous seas of familial discord and passion, the song crafts a narrative as vivid as the stormy waves - enriched with a musical fabric woven with threads of funk, rock, and stellar storytelling. The Michigan-Kiev collaboration has birthed another audacious track that is poised to redefine contemporary rock.

From the very onset, "The Admiral's Daughter" graces listeners with a funky guitar riff, a grand harbinger of the epic musical voyage that lies ahead. Its pulsating energy, similar to a magnificent fusion of Daft Punk's electro-funk allure and the raw fervor of Red Hot Chili Peppers, embarks on a relentless quest to captivate souls. There's a musical complexity here that evokes the spirit of Stevie Wonder, challenging the boundaries of rock with an intricately designed sonic tapestry of rhythmic innovation and melodic brilliance.

In the eye of this musical storm stands Gary Maccagnone, a vocal force reverberating with a potency reminiscent of the iconic David Byrne. His voice, a beacon amidst the swirling fusion of bass, saxophone, and keys, narrates a heartfelt tale with an intensity that resonates in every chord, every beat, reflecting the complex emotions brewing within the Admiral's household. The profound narrative, intertwined with a funk-infused rhythm, immerses the audience into a vivid portrayal of the unfolding drama.

As a bongo fervently bangs against the backdrop of a powerful drumbeat, an infectious groove takes over, sweeping listeners off their feet, making it almost impossible not to succumb to the rhythm. The horn section adds an exhilarating layer to this compelling soundscape, injecting a dose of fun, funk, and undeniable groove that is both refreshing and nostalgic.

The chorus resonates with an anthemic quality, encapsulating the essence of the narrative in a repetitive, hypnotic chant. "She is the Admiral's Daughter, Ready to take her orders," it repeats, a relentless echo that mirrors the cyclic nature of the conflict, the unyielding grip of the Admiral's influence, the fervent yearning for freedom and autonomy. It's a lyrical testament to the gravity of the tale, a resounding cry that echoes long after the song reaches its powerful, concise conclusion, reminiscent of the firm, unequivocal nature of the Admiral's commands.


In the eye of this musical storm stands Gary Maccagnone, a vocal force reverberating with a potency reminiscent of the iconic David Byrne.

This symbiotic musical partnership between Gary Maccagnone and Alex Goroshko, a coalition bridging Michigan and Kiev, is nothing short of an artistic revelation. BIG SEXY showcases an unyielding passion and dedication to their craft, pushing the envelope of what rock music can embody and portray. Through "The Admiral's Daughter", BIG SEXY not only offers a sensational auditory experience but embarks on a critical examination of familial relations, weaving a narrative rich in conflict, emotion, and undeniable depth.

"The Admiral's Daughter" stands as a monumental pillar in BIG SEXY's musical journey, an epic example of their musical synergy. A song that transcends boundaries, uniting fervent rhythms with compelling storytelling, poised to leave an indelible mark in the annals of rock history. As the final notes resonate, one cannot help but salute BIG SEXY for crafting a masterpiece that reverberates with audacity, passion, and an unrestrained zest for musical exploration. This is BIG SEXY at their finest, ready to conquer the rock world, one epic track at a time.

Check out "The Admiral's Daughter" by BIG SEXY below!👇



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