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BIG SEXY - "Samantha's Song"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

A Harmonious Blend of Nostalgia and New Beginnings

Today I had the privelidge of reviewing "Samantha's Song" from rock duo BIG SEXY, exploring yet another celestial wonder the band has unleashed amongst their constellation of rock masterpieces. Crafted with the poetic finesse of Gary Maccagnone and the production genius of Alex Goroshko, this track is not just a song - it is an epic and deep soul-stirring odyssey.

A tender piano melody intertwines with the nostalgic warmth of a B-2 organ, painting a soundscape that is both intimate and grand. This musical prelude gently ushers us into the heart of the song – a rhythmically rich 6/8 groove where each movement from the bass guitar dances like a heartbeat in harmony with Gary Maccagnone’s vocals, a voice that carries the weight of every emotion it conveys.

The chorus is an intense crescendo of feeling, where Gary Maccagnone’s vocal power is not just heard, but felt - reverberating through the soul. Here, harmonies rise like a phoenix, majestic and full of life, while the bass delves into more profound depths, echoing the song's emotional gravity. The saxophone, a whisper of romantic tales, weaves through the melody, adding layers of depth and nostalgia.

Listeners are swept into a rhythmic sway, their heads nodding to the beat, hearts entwined with the song’s narrative. The bridge is a showcase of euphonic elegance, with a saxophone solo that sings of hope and brightness, leading into a more intense ensemble.

Then comes a transformative moment – a guitar solo that burns bright with passion and skill, reminiscent of Van Halen’s iconic style. This is where "Samantha’s Song" transcends, morphing from a melody into a radiant musical phenomenon. The song then circles back to its powerful chorus, creating an echo of emotions, before gracefully descending into a serene conclusion.


The chorus is an intense crescendo of feeling, where Gary Maccagnone’s vocal power is not just heard, but felt - reverberating through the soul.


The lyrics are a tapestry of love, loss, and rebirth, woven with the threads of Gary Maccagnone’s rich literary background. They resonate with a truth that is deeply personal yet universally relatable, speaking to the soul’s longing for connection and redemption.

BIG SEXY, hailing from the musical landscapes of Michigan & Ukraine, blends diverse influences into a unique auditory experience. They don’t just play music; they create worlds.

"Samantha’s Song" is a brilliant showcasing of BIG SEXY's artistry – a piece that doesn't just resonate with the ears, but also dances with the heart. It stands as a beacon in BIG SEXY’s artistic journey, illuminating their path to becoming a defining voice of modern rock.

Check out "Samantha's Song" by BIG SEXY on Spotify below!👇


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