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BIG SEXY - "Pretty Girl Blues"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Where Groove Meets the Cosmos

In the ever-shifting sands of the musical landscape, where trends flicker and fade with the passing seasons, BIG SEXY emerges as a force of sheer, unadulterated genius. Their latest offering, "Pretty Girl Blues," is a masterpiece that captivates and enthralls from its opening notes to its resounding finale.

From the get-go, "Pretty Girl Blues" ensnares the senses with a groovy blues guitar riff, setting the stage for a journey that is as emotionally rich as it is musically sophisticated. The thunderous toms and organic percussion that follow resonate deep within, pulsating through the very core of those who listen. And then, as if breaking through a storm, the full beat and vocals erupt. Gary Maccagnone's voice, soaring and potent, leads us through the tumult of Jolene's saga.

Yet, this is not merely a retelling of the narrative crafted by Dolly Parton; it is a reimagining, a powerful narrative reborn through BIG SEXY's unparalleled musical vision. The collaboration between Gary Maccagnone and Alex Goroshko brings forth a sound that harmonizes the timeless allure of the Eagles with the vibrant energy of modern alt-rock. The horn section, a nod to the iconic sounds of Stevie Wonder, injects the track with a life-force that propels it to celestial heights.

As the song unfolds, the bridge acts as a conduit to the stars. Gary's voice, ethereal and boundless, reaches an otherworldly zenith, perfectly setting the stage for Alex's guitar solo. This display of virtuosity weaves its way through a tapestry of vocal harmonies with grace and precision. The addition of gospel singers alongside Veronica not only adds a depth of soul but also envelopes the listener in a warmth that anchors the cosmic voyage in the heart's depths.

The climax of "Pretty Girl Blues" is a fervent ensemble groove, punctuated by a commanding saxophone solo. The final collective fill is not merely the conclusion of a musical piece but a bold declaration of BIG SEXY's enduring mark on the realm of music.


The collaboration between Gary Maccagnone and Alex Goroshko brings forth a sound that harmonizes the timeless allure of the Eagles with the vibrant energy of modern alt-rock.


BIG SEXY's "Pretty Girl Blues" transcends the bounds of mere song; it is an odyssey. It reflects on themes of beauty, judgment, and salvation. With Gary rooted in the United States and Alex hailing from Ukraine, BIG SEXY represents a melding of cultural and musical influences, crafting sounds that transcend borders and resonate with universal truths. In this track, they have not only created a sonic odyssey but also redefined the narrative surrounding one of music's most iconic figures, celebrating her journey with depth and fervor.

In an era where music often gravitates towards the transient, BIG SEXY stands as a colossus of depth, creativity, and narrative excellence. "Pretty Girl Blues" is not merely a melody to be heard; it is an odyssey to be experienced, solidifying BIG SEXY's stature not just as musicians, but as luminaries in the true art of storytelling.

Check out "Pretty Girl Blues" by BIG SEXY on Spotify below!👇


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