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BIG SEXY - "Listen for the Bells"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

A Symphony of Redemption

In the vast and varied universe of American rock music, where deep emotions intertwine with harmonic artistry, BIG SEXY's "Listen for the Bells" emerges as a transcendent masterpiece, harmoniously weaving the themes of redemption, resilience, and a profound homage to historical moments.

The opening section of the song features a haunting acappella by Gary Maccagnone, enveloping the listener in a serene yet powerful embrace. His solo vocal performance, raw and emotive, imparts the lyrics with a depth that resonates beyond mere words:

I am a redemptive spirit

From another time and place

I’m your helping’ hand

Your eternal friend

My mission is to guide you

And lead you to grace

With the powerful entrance of the band, the song transforms from a reflective soliloquy into a full-bodied rock symphony. The bass and drums weave a tapestry of slick grooves, harmoniously intertwining with Gary Maccagnone’s lyrical narrative. This fusion is further elevated by the introduction of distorted guitars and a sublime string section, transforming the piece into an epic ballad of fierce beauty.

The chorus introduces group vocals that exude a profound intensity and harmonic richness. The refrain, “Oh, follow the sound of the bells, I will guide you,” resounds like a clarion call of guidance through the darkness.

An epic guitar solo follows, capturing the spirit of the greatest metal bands with a unique flair that is quintessentially BIG SEXY. This solo is not just a musical interlude; it’s an impassioned narrative expressed through all six strings.

As the song draws to its conclusion, the lyrics “Oh listen for the bells, I will guide you” harmonize beautifully with a delicate piano line and a soaring string section. The song’s conclusion, poised on a leading tone, leaves the listener in a state of eager anticipation, perfectly encapsulating the song's themes of resilience and hope.


The opening section of the song features a haunting acappella by Gary Maccagnone, enveloping the listener in a serene yet powerful embrace.

"Listen for the Bells" is more than a song; it’s a journey guided by the literary depth of Gary Maccagnone's background, influenced by literary giants, and the additional musical brilliance of Alex Goroshko. It’s a historical tribute to the miracle of St. Nicholas Orthodox church during 9/11, making it not just a musical piece, but a resonant timeless message of redemption and resilience.

In this song, BIG SEXY has crafted not just a musical piece but an odyssey of the heart and soul. It is an embodiment of epic tales and eternal hope, a composition that transcends the auditory experience to touch the very core of human emotion and history.

Check out BIG SEXY on Spotify below!👇

And be on the look-out for the release of "Listen for the Bells",

set to drop December 8th, 2023!

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