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BIG BUS DREAM presents full-length album, "C'mon Dream"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

A Hypnotic Ascent Into Another Dimension

From the hallowed soil of dreamland springs BIG BUS DREAM's latest musical odyssey, “C'mon Dream”. In our last deep dive on Music Farmer 5, we hailed the single "C'mon Dream" as a magnum opus - a serenade of the subconscious. Now, we have been presented with a full-length album that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

The album unfurls with "Die Just A Little", painting a scene of dusky horizons with a distant faux-ukulele-like strumming of an acoustic guitar. Mike Shannon's vocals enter, serenading us as we're bathed in a sea of retro synth grooves. The roar of drums and guitars takes the track's energy to another dimension, crowned with a guitar solo that seems to transcend our world. This isn't just music—it's a cinematic experience.

While the single "C'mon Dream" remains an unparalleled indie rock marvel, the album offers us more glimpses into the dreamy facets of BIG BUS DREAM's mind. "House On The Corner" whisks us into a realm where the Beatles meet the avant-garde. The McCartney-esque influence is undeniable and adds a touch of classic charm to this modern-day anthem.

"No Rehab For That" is a sultry, groovy trip reminiscent of The Shins but with BIG BUS DREAM's own touch of complexity and allure. The retro punk-infused guitar solo is the cherry on top, demanding multiple listens.

Returning to the nostalgic corridors of Beatles-infused soundscapes, "I Thought I Was Special" grooves with funky guitar patterns and harmonies, echoing the playful essence of "Baby You Can Drive My Car". This track is both light-hearted and contemplative, proving Mike Shannon's dexterity as a songwriter.

"We’re Not Addicted", the album’s finale, serves as a passionate homage to the intense magnetism of dreams and memories. As Mike sings about addiction to thoughts and feelings, the psychedelic tones create a universe where listeners can't help but lose themselves.


While the single "C'mon Dream" remains an unparalleled indie rock marvel, the album offers us more glimpses into the dreamy facets of BIG BUS DREAM's mind.

After the ripples created by singles like “Hear Me Roar” and “Giant In My Mind”, it’s evident that Mike Shannon, the visionary behind BIG BUS DREAM, has a gift for transforming his experiences, dreams, and emotions into musical wonders. With a history rich in accolades from his time with 4th Ward and his other endeavors, it's clear that Shannon has a seasoned touch that infuses each song with its own universe of feelings.

Rooted in the ethereal, yet grounded with poignant lyricism and musical craftsmanship, “C'mon Dream” brilliantly showcases BIG BUS DREAM's unparalleled artistry. It's an exploration, an experience, a journey that beckons listeners to not only hear but also to dream.

BIG BUS DREAM's “C'mon Dream” is more than an album—it's a masterclass in rock. As the dreamscape unfolds, we're left with a lingering desire to press replay and let the magic wash over us once more.

In a world that often rushes by, BIG BUS DREAM's “C'mon Dream” reminds us of the beauty of slowing down, closing our eyes, and letting the music take us where our hearts desire.

Check out "Die Just a Little" from the full-length "C'Mon Dream"

by BIG BUS DREAM below!👇


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