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BDSMVCR - "Bataille is a Kinbakushi"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

A Symphony of Chaos: The Art of Auditory Shibari

Today I had the privilege of reviewing BDSMVCR and his song "Bataille is a Kinbakushi," a hauntingly beautiful and powerfully intense avant-garde production chock-full of experimentation, grit and wit. This composition is not merely a collection of sounds - it is a profound narrative woven with the threads of philosophical introspection and the rawness of physical experience.

The song's distorted beat immediately grips the listener with an intensity that is as deliberate as it is disarming. BDSMVCR has not merely pushed the boundaries of the glitch beat experimental genre; he has transcended them, crafting a soundscape that is as intricate as it is explosive. The distortion that pervades the track is not just heard; it is felt, reverberating through the core of the listener.

The epic nature of BDSMVCR's "Bataille is a Kinbakushi" is underscored by its haunting melody, a symphony of controlled chaos that dances on the edge of the surreal. The music's sudden pause for a spoken word interlude is a stroke of genius, creating a stark canvas for the lyrics to paint their vivid and unsettling imagery. The words, provocative and raw, hang in the silence, demanding contemplation.

When BDSMVCR's voice re-enters with a hardcore scream, it is not just a vocal performance but an outpouring of passion. The lyrics, a tribute to the French philosopher Georges Bataille, are delivered with a fervor that is utterly transfixing. The heavy breakdown and the relentless drumbeat, punctuated by an 808 glitch, drive the song forward with an unstoppable force.

The influence of shibari, the artful bind of Japanese rope bondage, is intricately laced throughout the song's structure. The listener is enveloped, bound by the song's rhythm, captive to its every twist and turn. BDSMVCR's personal odyssey, marked by his exploration of shibari and his defiance of societal norms, lends the track a profound authenticity.

Drawing parallels to the work of contemporary artist Jordan Wolfson, BDSMVCR is not just a musician but a sculptor of experiences, wielding an array of experimental tools to craft a statement that resonates deeply and inescapably. The forthcoming EP "Shibari" is poised to continue this bold exploration, with "Bataille is a Kinbakushi" setting an indomitable precedent.


The epic nature of BDSMVCR's "Bataille is a Kinbakushi" is underscored by its haunting melody, a symphony of controlled chaos that dances on the edge of the surreal.

BDSMVCR's music is a screaming meditation on the dissolution of the self within the digital age; a narrative that explores our desperate grasp on reality and the realization that our connections are as constrained as we are. It is a reflection on the shared human condition, the collective experience of being ensnared by the very things we cling to for solace.

"Bataille is a Kinbakushi" is more than a song; it is a profound statement, a work of art, and a deep introspective journey into the soul of an artist who stands unflinchingly in his truth. BDSMVCR has composed a piece that is as much an homage to a philosopher as it is a reflection of our own intricate, bound, and often disconcerting existence.

Check out "Bataille is a Kinbakushi" by BDSMVCR below!👇


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