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BACKSTROM - "Train Wreck Coming (feat. Bart Topher)"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

A Celebration Amidst Chaos

Finding a song that echoes with the soul-stirring qualities of yesteryear while firmly anchoring itself in the present is a rare experience in today's folk landscape. BACKSTROM's "Train Wreck Coming," the leading track of their album "The Carousel," is that musical gem. Enhanced by the distinctive contributions of Bart Topher, this song is a masterful blend of genres, emotions, and artistic expertise.

BACKSTROM's "Train Wreck Coming" captivates with a groovy, Elvis-inspired blues guitar intro that feels both nostalgically classic and refreshingly contemporary. The song immediately sets an ambitious tone, which is effortlessly surpassed as the lead vocals enter, articulating the evocative line, "There’s thunder crashing, and the rain is pouring down." This vivid lyrical imagery, combined with the enveloping warmth of female gospel harmonies, creates a stereo soundscape that is utterly immersive. The harmonies do more than just complement; they elevate the piece, infusing it with a vibrancy that is all too rare in today's folk scene.

As the track unfolds, we are introduced to a triumphant brass section, cutting through the melody like celestial messengers piercing through a stormy sky. This element is not just heard but felt, adding a layer of jubilation that perfectly aligns with the song's underlying message of finding light in the darkness, of celebrating the indomitable human spirit in the face of looming challenges.

"Train Wreck Coming" is more than a just another folk song; it is a narrative woven in melody and rhythm. It acknowledges the brewing storm, the imminent disaster, yet it chooses to dance in the rainfall, to find joy in resilience. The intricate guitar riffs scattered throughout the song are not merely musical embellishments but are emblematic of the complex journeys we undertake in life, with each note representing a step forward taken with courage and hope.

The conclusion of the song is a powerful crescendo, mirroring the final clap of thunder, marking an emphatic end to a journey that leaves both the skies and the listener's heart clear and rejuvenated. This closure showcases BACKSTROM's deep understanding of music as not just an art form but as a vessel for human emotion and experience.

The lyrics, with their recurring pleas for divine grace amidst turmoil, serve as a reflection on the human quest for faith and comfort in times of strife. BACKSTROM's commentary on the track mirrors the artist's intention to reflect the current global atmosphere while allowing space for individual interpretation, showcasing true artistic elegance.


BACKSTROM's "Train Wreck Coming" captivates with a groovy, Elvis-inspired blues guitar intro that feels both nostalgically classic and refreshingly contemporary.


Drawing influences from the likes of Leonard Cohen to the Rolling Stones, BACKSTROM creates a sound that is at once familiar and distinct, a musical odyssey through the realms of folk, country, and rock. Their return with "The Carousel" is not merely a comeback but a profound reimagining of their artistic voice.

In "Train Wreck Coming," BACKSTROM and Bart Topher have not just crafted a song; they have created an anthem for the resilient, a melody for the hopeful, and a timeless piece that deserves not only to be heard but to be celebrated as a defining moment in the annals of music that captures the spirit of its era with grace and fervor.

Check out "Train Wreck Coming (feat. Bart Topher)"

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