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Asher Laub has recently released a new single: "Exodus"


Asher Laub is an artist and songwriter who loves to take chances and explore the many nuances of his creativity. His release, "Exodus," is a perfect example. This remarkable music showcases excellent production aesthetics while enabling "Exodus" to express his vision without limitations.

"Exodus" is a perfect calling card for Asher, as it depicts his virtuoso skills on the violin. In addition, fans of traditional music will most certainly appreciate this release. It is a medley of four different tunes from the Passover Seder, including "Kadesh," "Avadim Hayinu," "Halachma," and "Ma Nishtana." It's a great mix of classic songs that capture the holiday spirit under a different scope due to Asher's innovative musicianship.

"Exodus" is a stunning introduction to how Asher Laub combines many genres, from classical to electronica, to create a seamless personal sound. This is music that's far more than plain entertainment. Asher Laub arguably uses his craft to express himself and share his sensibilities with the audience, creating a deep connection.

Find out more about Asher Laub, and do not miss out on "Exodus." This release is currently available on some of the best digital streaming services.


Check out "Exodus" by Asher Laub below!👇

Listen on Spotify:


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