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"All sides" by SILO BEATZ ft. Kurupt, Killah Priest, Young Buck, & Crooked I

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Silo Beatz Revitalizes Old-School Hip-Hop in the Exhilarating Album 'All sides'

In an era where hip-hop music is often characterized by the revolving door of emerging artists, it is refreshing to find an album that harks back to the golden age while still innovating. Such is the case with "All sides" by the virtuoso Florida producer, Silo Beatz. A true homage to the roots of hip-hop, Silo Beatz crafts a classic yet distinctly fresh sound that is sure to satiate the appetite of any true hip-hop head.

From the initial drop of the bass in "Break Away - remix," the album takes you on an immersive journey through Silo Beatz's sonic universe. The track's grimy abstract bass, power-packed glitch-hop drums, and epic fx samples combine to create an eclectic sonic painting that draws listeners into an entirely different dimension.

Continuing the auditory expedition, "Deeper" showcases Silo Beatz's command of rhythm and tone. The track's roomy, chill-out drums perfectly counterpoint the haunting female vocals, creating a head-swinging vibe that is at once familiar yet strikingly original. It's a testament to Silo Beatz's ability to blend different musical elements and keep listeners engaged and intrigued.

Perhaps the jewel of this majestic compilation is "Lost," a track that resonates deep within your core. The beat is simply magical, making you feel its presence, its soul within your bones. The accompanying rap performances are unmatched in their precision and rhythmic mastery. The lyrical prowess on display speaks to the talent of not only Silo Beatz but the Hip-Hop legends that lend their voices to the album.

The album concludes with the intense "One More Night - remix," an intoxicating fusion of trap beats and stunning female vocal harmonies. The track is a fitting end to the journey, encapsulating the raw energy and unique flavor that define this remarkable album.

In terms of production, Silo Beatz channels his inspirations from Mannie Fresh to Organized Noise, creating a production landscape that is layered and robust. The vocal production stands out in its complexity, utilizing differing layers and placements to craft a rich auditory texture.

"All sides" is a beautifully curated fusion of old-school hip-hop, LoFi chill music, R&B, and Neo-Soul. It's an album that demands your attention and, most importantly, your appreciation for Silo Beatz's intricate production work. As a whole, "All sides" is an absolute treat for those who revere the authenticity of 90s Hip-Hop while yearning for novel, boundary-pushing sounds.

This album is not just another drop in the ocean of contemporary hip-hop, but a powerful wave making its impactful mark. If you're seeking an immersive listening experience that showcases the power and versatility of hip-hop, look no further than "All sides" by Silo Beatz.


Check out "All sides" by SILO BEATZ below!👇


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