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旋林Rowens presents, "紫紅色玫瑰(Purple Red Rose)"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

In Full Bloom: Exploring the Musical Garden of ROWENS' "Purple Red Rose"

From the other side of the Pacific Ocean emerges Taiwan's vibrant lyrical bard, 旋林ROWENS. His latest masterpiece, "Purple Red Rose," is not just a song; it's a poetic voyage into the depths of the heart, painted with the vibrant hues of jazz and indie pop.

As the song begins, the listener is immediately whisked away on a journey of wonder. The entrancing drum fill lays down a rhythmic canvas of dreams. It’s in this dreamscape that the mystical plucks of an arpeggiated jazz guitar emerge, shimmering like morning dew, blending brightness and fun in a symphony of strings.

Then, like a whisper in the wind, ROWENS' voice enters, tender and inviting, with the "La la la la la" intro hook - a melody as singable as it is enchanting. His voice, a wellspring of cool groove, envelops the soundscape, painting vivid pictures with words that dance and twirl in the listener's mind.

The genius of ROWENS lies in the ability to marry genres with a seamless grace. The song flirts with the edges of rock and bursts into the realms of new indie pop, with Prince-inspired guitar solos and uplifting pop elements creating a constellation of bright, catchy stars in the musical night sky.

Delving into the lyrics, "Purple Red Rose" unfurls as a romantic epic, a lyrical journey through the valleys and peaks of love. Here, ROWENS transforms the red and purple roses into metaphors of fiery passion and elegant commitment, crafting a narrative that resonates with the soul's longing for connection and depth.

The inclusion of an organ adds a layer of mystique, while the innovative use of hi-hat in the C section conjures images of a ballet duet under a perfumed rain, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the dance of life.


The genius of ROWENS lies in the ability to marry genres with a seamless grace.

ROWENS, a poetic soul riding against the winds of convention, uses his music to narrate the stories of his life. His name, symbolizing rebirth and continuous growth, mirrors his relentless passion for life and creativity. This is evident in "Purple Red Rose," a song that stands as a verdant forest of melodies, reflecting the lush landscapes of ROWENS' dreamland.

"Purple Red Rose" by 旋林ROWENS is more than a musical creation; it's an epic reminder of the power of music to capture the essence of our deepest emotions, setting them free on a journey through the infinite sky of artistic expression. It is an invitation to wander through the corridors of love and passion, guided by the tender, powerful voice of an artist who speaks directly to the heart.

Check out "紫紅色玫瑰(Purple Red Rose)"

by 旋林Rowens below!👇


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