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“Long Long Time” - Paul Haas - a much needed song for the pandemic period

Review by Adam Jones

July 20, 2020


Paul Haas has released a brand new track titled “Long Long Time,” and I’ve gotta say, it’s been a LONG LONG TIME since I’ve heard a fantastic folk song like this. It’s catchy, upbeat, real & passionate. It is clear that this isn’t Paul Haas’s first musical rodeo.


The song starts off with a catchy folk fiddle hook followed by Paul’s upbeat vocals. This is a love song woven into an uptempo folk-pop fabric. The lyrical content can easily be used inside a ballad - but the choice to use them in this fun & danceable way is much, much more interesting. 


Paul Haas’s vocal style is captivating - his voice is easy to listen to, yet it has the same passion of rock singers like Timothy B. Schmit (The Eagles) and Bob Dylan. His vocal style is upbeat and positive, but he’s also got attitude. It’s fantastic. 


Featuring fun swing dancing and bright imagery, the music video for “Long Long Time” is also a great complement to the song’s release. This is a much needed song for this pandemic period.


Check out PAUL HAAS and his new song, “Long Long Time” at the links below!