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Oh Well - "Us": Anti-Pop On The Path to Popularity


I had the opportunity to review a truly unique artist that goes by the name Oh Well. Upon seeing the name, I had no idea what to expect. After listening to the single "Us," my curiosity has piqued. 


Now I am on a search as to how Oh Well came about. It seems that Oh Well describes himself as "Anti-Pop," which, after listening to the music, makes a ton of sense.

The track starts with a pizzicatto orchestra, as if setting the scene for a magical movie. Then it goes right into a grime-style hip-hop beat, throwing the listener completely off. Right after this, the track ventures even further into a rock groove, jolting the listener again. ANTI-POP indeed.

Then there are the vocals. The tagline starts..."Oh Well, Oh Well," spoken in a fun, carefree tone. After the tag comes the actual vocal melody - it's a bit of ska mixed with hip-hop, and a little bit of rock. It feels revolutionary.

I honestly don't know how to categorize Oh Well. It truly is ANTI-POP! This is unlike anything else I've ever heard!


Check out Oh Well at the links below:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il6mQq7S_tk&feature=youtu.be

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ohwell_music/