Jason Biyo “Numb” - the king of the modern R&B resurgence has arrived

May 22, 2020

Review by Adam Jones


Today I had the opportunity to review an amazing new single titled "Numb" from rising R&B artist Jason Biyo. This dude has pipes! After listening to this track, I have no doubt that Jason Biyo will be the one to usher in the best era of R&B music.


The song opens up with an ethereal synthesizer - an instrumental choice which helps to prepare the senses for Jason Biyo’s heavenly vocals. Following the first verse, the 808 drops, creating a deep sonic atmosphere that reels you in even further. It creates a sense of urgency that doesn’t go away.


In my opinion, the thing that separates Jason Biyo’s sound from others is his vocal layering technique. He’s got killer harmonies - his thick vocal sounds transport you to another world. If I had to describe the harmonies, they sound both futuristic AND nostalgic. It’s a very difficult sound to achieve, and yet somehow Jason Biyo achieved it.


Jason Biyo’s “Numb” is a masterpiece.


If you haven’t checked out Jason Biyo’s single “NUMB,” DO IT TODAY! And be on the lookout for his new EP dropping June 5!


Numb on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2Tg3sGcs4V7QFr6n8Fzt4w

Multi-platform (Apple, Tidal etc.): https://ampl.ink/2DX1z

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/thejasonbiyo/?igshid=4ctkp2zr05yd