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Tide Tan - German rapper rockets through the stream waves

August 7, 2020

Review by Adam Jones

August 7, 2020


WOW! What’s up everyone, Adam Jones here with a brand spankin’ new review for LOTUS by TIDE TAN, an amazing new rapper straight outta Germany. This dude not only spits sick rhymes - he’s got sick vibes. His music is cool & airy, yet urgent & exciting.


The first track is “Habitat”, a flow-track with articulate, cool vocals and trippy synths. The synth pattern sits comfortably underneath an extremely haunting theme, showcasing a problem so many of us have had to deal with during this pandemic: pervasive loneliness. With this music, Tide Tan can easily become the voice of this generation. “Writing a text but no one is writing back because they got plans drinking and party I am at home waiting for anybody to call.” The song ends on a repeating chant “Hello, hello, hello.” This is some deep stuff, and I know will speak to the souls of so many listeners.


We then have “Lotus”, a song with a faster-paced rhythmic vocal performance showcasing Tan’s articulate agility. It is more of a musical interlude on the album, at just under 1:30 - but nonetheless, an important thread to this album.


Following up after Lotus is “Moneyac,” a song with a more throwback vibe to the golden era of hip-hop (1990s). There are cool synths and edgy drums - it feels more like an old-school West Coast hit. This track is definitely more upbeat and employs the use of super intricate vocal harmonization. 


The rest of the album is FANTASTIC, but the last two tracks that really stick out to me are “Zoomed In” and “Zoom Out.” “Zoomed In” opens with a dreamy guitar and organ, followed by upbeat drums and super chill vocals. “Zoom Out” features dreamy guitar in yet another sense (a little more psychedelic), followed by a nasty drumbeat and a more aggressive vocal performance - there is more old school on this one than the rest. I absolutely love it.


Check out Tide Tan below:



Come Taste the Misery “Stone Dead Ballerina Uncovered” - eclectic artist drops new EP

August 6, 2020

What’s up everybody! MusicFarmer5 correspondent WOLF GEORGIA here with a review for a brand new EP by “COME TASTE THE MISERY.” The album, “Stone Dead Ballerina Uncovered,” is a collaborative effort between various featured artists, including Nathan Hakoune, Tom Llywarch, Nina Red Bow, Sven Smith, Katty Verse, and Liliia Kysil. “Come Taste the Misery” is the brainchild of the guitarist from bands “A Different Ending…” and “My Creepy Susanne”; that’s right, the one and only Christos Kariotis!


The album is dark and eclectic - there are distorted guitars, passionate scream-vocals, singable melodies, and beautiful strings. To me, it sounds like “Weezer” meets “Marilyn Manson” - it’s extremely unique. Come Taste The Misery figured out a way to blend the most interesting elements of alternative rock & metal under one umbrella.


The EP opens up with the title track, “Stone Dead Ballerina,” a grungy song with distorted guitars and edgy sing-talk vocals. There is a folk violin peeking throughout, adding an amazing element that I didn’t expect.

Next up is “Dim the Lights.” The song opens up with a mean distorted guitar, followed by huge drums and violin. There are nice Danny Elfman-style vocals, followed by a scream vocal amplified in the back. It’s dark and scary…and feels amazing.


We then hit “Love Is the Last Vampire,” a song that is serves as a perfect example of my “Weezer-Marilyn Manson” description. The vocals have such a cool “Rivers Cuomo” element…and yet, there is the mean quality of Marilyn Manson. This is the first track on the album where the listener is encouraged to bob their heads up and down in a half-time fashion. It’s the perfect centerpiece for the album.


“Ghosts of Love” is next up on the dock, opening up with an epic drum fill and building guitars. This track is a little more down-tempo, with haunting elements surrounding the listener. The violin makes another appearance, playing spooky/ghostly lines. This song is epic and haunting - perfect for a movie.


The last song on the EP is “Every Time I Bleed,” a more uplifting track with beautiful-yet-haunting female vocals by Liliia Kysil. This is another song that could easily be placed in a dramatic scene within a feature film - it is moving & cool, yet dark and epic.


This is definitely an EP you don’t want to miss out on. Check out STONE DEAD BALLERINA UNCOVERED by COME TASTE THE MISERY on Spotify today!

Parmy Dhillon - Mind Out Of Time: Volume 1 - A folk rock masterpiece for the ages

July 30, 2020

What’s up everybody? Adam Jones here with a review for indie-folk artist PARMY DHILLON, a musician who’s often compared to the Lumineers - however, there are many factors that separate Parmy Dhillon that make him truly a unique find. Today we are reviewing the album “Mind Out Of Time: Volume 1,” out on platforms everywhere.


The album begins with “Where Do We Start,” an impassioned musical introduction that sets the album up beautifully. There is a sense of hope and sadness - it’s a difficult feat to accomplish. The song ENDS with the main hook “Where Do We Start?,” emphasizing some creative lyric writing. That’s some good old-fashioned urgent songwriting right there - in providing it’s purpose in setting up the stage for the album, the hook also acts as an ironic final-button for the END of the song. Awesome.


Next up is “Rain,” a song that sounds like a mix of Bob Dylan meets emo-acoustic rockers Brand New. There is some nice vocal layering going on - harmonic octaves help to emphasize the vocal flow. Dhillon shows off his broad vocal range on this track, effortlessly flying into the higher register as well as showing off thick, rich bass capabilities.


We then hit “Sleepaway,” an upbeat-yet-sad song about an obviously traumatic event. “I heard the news last night - a thousand people died, I wanna sleep - sleep it all away.” I am getting Beatles vibes on this song. There is an introduction of a bass drum that gives the music an upbeat, bouncy quality - I absolutely love the contrast he’s created with the downtrodden lyrics. To top it off, the song ends with an abrupt stop; “I WANNA SLEEP.” It’s these types of artistic decisions that separate the amateurs from the pros. There is a creative bravery behind these songwriting decisions that distinguish Parmy Dhillon from others - and it’s fantastic.


We roll into “Time,” a song with a more “Mick Jagger-ey” vocal quality. There is the introduction of even more percussive elements, with a nice cajon and rhythmic acoustic. This is yet another example of creative contrast, with an upbeat musical backdrop painted against lyrics like “Time is wasted when I’m home again.” Damn.


Next up is the musical interlude “Don’t Let Them In,” a raw blues track reminiscent of artists like the Black Keys. It feels almost like a prison chant, and it feels so real.


Then we have “Grew Up in a Country Town,” a song that could have easily been written by Tom Petty. This song is a nostalgic rock track - that is, a story about his roots with some darkness sprinkled throughout. It sounds huge, and is the only track thus far to introduce a full drum kit against a specific lyrical hook: “suicidal thoughts.” It’s very interesting because it shows how impacting this period of growth was for Dhillon. Oftentimes music reveals much more about a person’s very human inner-workings than we’d care to admit. It’s a healthy outlet for discovery about oneself, and it takes courage. The song ends with a building vocal chant, adding additional layers of harmonies with each line.


The album ends with “Valium,” a track more reminiscent of Thom York/Radiohead, with a bass vocal setting up the top of the song. We then get right into an upbeat drum-driven musical sequence, with an aggressive higher-range vocal. It’s edgy and cool. This is the first song with a real guitar solo, which again speaks to Parmy Dhillon’s musical planning. The album ends with thick yet lonely sounding vocal harmonies. What a trip!


Building on top of each new theme, Parmy Dhillon takes us on a musical journey and doesn’t let go. 


Do not miss PARMY DHILLON and the new album MIND OUT OF TIME: VOLUME 1 at the links below!

XXL LAVATEAM - Purveyors of Musical Progression - Pushing the Boundaries of Music

July 29, 2020

What’s up everybody? Adam Jones here with a review for artist XXL LAVATEAM. This project is genius - the music so accurately portrays the name - the music doesn’t only feel HOT, it feels like it’s BURNING UP - as in, I am being fully engulfed in scorching hot lava. That’s how intense they are, and it’s fantastic.


The first song on the docket is “Listen,” an intense dark urban-pop song with deep bass synths and an aggressive vibe. The vocals are driven and thrown to the walls of an echo chamber, accurately reflecting the main hook “Why won’t you listen!?” You can literally feel the intensity in their performance - this is extremely hard to do in a recording. I am getting the same energy from this recording that I do at a live show with seasoned performers - this is not a skill that is TAUGHT, rather one that you are born with.


The next track is XXL LAVATEAM X BOOM THE BOMB “LOADED featuring Skrilla Kaine and Skrilla Green. This track has more of a chilled-out vibe while still retaining the same underlying energy heard in the production of “Listen.” The beats are slick. The vocal performance is articulate yet laid-back. They again demonstrate rare qualities that separate the amateurs from the pros. 


I also absolutely love this theme of “Take this chance and take a break and roll some weed.” There are so many “serious” tracks right now about being stuck inside with COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s starting to get annoying. The world needs a cool track like this that’s fun yet still fit for the club. 

XXL LAVATEAM are real pros, yet they have the passion of newcomers. If you haven’t checked out XXL LAVATEAM, you should. They will be in many Top 40 playlists very soon.











MARQUETTE KING “Lose Control” ft. ProfessionalRegularGuy - NFL star takes talent to the studio

July 28, 2020

MARQUETTE KING started his career playing in the NFL, first for the Oakland Raiders and then moving to the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury which forced him out of the game for a period of time - but have no fear, Marquette King is truly a Renaissance man of many talents!


For so many individuals, an injury means it’s time to slow down - but not for Marquette! While he is unable to play on the field, he transferred all of his skillsets to the studio. He crafted an extremely infectious party song called “Lose Control,” alongside musical partner ProfessionalRegularGuy.


“Lose Control” starts with an upbeat, overly compressed piano hook - I already feel like I’m in the club getting ready for the DROP! The song then takes a turn as the chorus comes in, transitioning to a half-time feel that creates an epic vibe. It is powerful and sounds huge.


The rapping on the track during the verses feels articulate and natural at the same time. It’s extremely invigorating, and strangely enough reminds me a little bit of the best parts of LINKIN PARK. There is also the energy of Macklemore sprinkled throughout. I love it.

DO NOT MISS “LOSE CONTROL” BY MARQUETTE KING! Check it out at the links below!


Link to the single:


Social media links:

KEMPER GRANT “Jungle” - energetic artist drops vibrant and enticing album

July 28, 2020

KEMPER GRANT has released “Jungle,” a vibrant collection of songs spanning many different styles. Grant is a multi-faceted artist with different influences ranging from disco to dirty hip-hop. It’s a pleasant cacophony of sonic bliss when listening through the album; it’s like dining on a delicious new groundbreaking dish created by America's Next Top Chef.


The album opens with “All Day All Night” (featuring Young Polo), which starts with a chilled-out synth followed by an industrial hip-hop drumbeat. The vocals come in - nice and bright, yet laid-back and vibey. The melodies are extremely catchy and it feels breezy.


The album moves on to “Blind” featuring Emily Auer. Again, this track feels good and calm, but this time there is a rhythmic guitar plucking off different parts of the melody. Emily Auer provides a fantastic accompaniment to this track with her bright and energetic presence.


My personal favorite off the album is “Uber Ride to Cry” - it’s got extremely interesting rhythmic complexities and a little bit of a Michael Jackson vibe goin’ on. The vocal melody is fun and catchy. The decision to make the vocal melody more upbeat makes it incredibly interesting to listen to since the lyrics reflection the opposing emotion.


The dynamic musical contrast Kemper Grant has created is very special. You don’t want to miss this.

Check out KEMPER GRANT and the album “Jungle” at the links below!


Link to the album:


Other links:

Hazeline Taffe “Finally” - A gospel masterpiece of epic proportions

July 27, 2020

What’s up everybody? MusicFarmer5 correspondent WOLF GEORGIA here today with another exciting interview for gospel/worship artist HAZELINE TAFFE and the amazing album “Finally.” The album is a collection of worship songs that not only serves its purpose of worship, but also creates an eclectic soundscape with songs fit for an epic movie.


The album opens up with “Carry You Along,” a more traditional gospel track with beautiful piano melodies and soaring vocals. She sounds beautiful, with an angelic vocal quality similar to legendary Whitney Houston’s timbre.


We then travel to Because of You, a track that introduces ambient percussion beneath a singable vocal melody. Hazeline shows off her ability to perform different vocal runs on this track.


My favorite track off the album is “We Worship You,” an amazing acapella song with gorgeous vocal harmonies and a fantastic, passionate performance by Hazeline Taffe. It’s truly awe-inspiring.


Other notable mentions are “Finally” with its uptempo drumbeat and smooth jazz saxophones, and “I Will Glorify Your Name”, a track with a soaring vocal performance and beautiful harmonies.


Check out HAZELINE TAFFE and the album “FINALLY” at the links below!

Cool Ass - “Fuck You Covid-19” - What He Said!

July 24, 2020

What’s up everybody, MusicFarmer5 correspondent WOLF GEORGIA here with a killer new track from COOL ASS titled “Fuck You Covid-19.” If you think the title is indicative of an artist with attitude, you’re right AND wrong - Cool Ass is so much more than that. He’s edgy, cool, fun, and comedic. It’s been an extremely long time since I’ve heard a musician like this. The last artist I know of that successfully created art with this dynamic contrast is David Byrne (Talking Heads). I am also sensing some influences from timeless artists like the B-52s, Fountains of Wayne (rest in peace - FUCK YOU COVID!), and David Bowie.


Cool Ass was created by Marc Marut, an actor who found success on the silver screen in the  early 2000s. You may know him from such legendary productions like “Goosebumps” and “Road to Avonlea.” Referencing this production (and music video), it’s clear that Marc Marut has an extremely artistic background; I’m not surprised he grew up an actor.


The song starts out with a male voice saying “Ready for this shi*?” followed by a laugh. The music kicks in, with heavy rock drums and power-pop synthesizers. Then, our ears get WHACKED with an intense scream; it almost sounds like it’s coming from Ozzy Osbourne’s bat-stained lips (too soon, sorry!). 


This intro ALREADY SUMS UP what we all have been experiencing during these global COVID-19 lockdowns - it seemed serious at first, then was kinda funny (and not so much a big deal), then we were all hit with the reality of what this virus means not only for humankind, but for society as a WHOLE. Wow. I do not know if Marc Marut had this intention, but I can’t help but think that the first 18 seconds of this song completely summarize the past 10 months of our lives.


Moving on, we really get into the groove with the main synth hooks, followed by the verse vocals. “Well it’s been a few weeks now, since I’ve been stuck here at home. I thank God for the Internet, I thank God for my phone.” It’s fun, upbeat, and very catchy.


Next comes the prechorus, with an ascending chord progression and another layered intervallic synthesizer on top. Cool Ass’s DAVID BYRNE vocal inflection comes in, complete with double vocal tracking and vocoder-effected layers. 


Then comes the chorus - the chorus harmonies are very powerful and sound just like Fountains of Wayne. It’s been awhile since these production techniques have been employed on a mainstream-accessible track like this. While the chorus is super fun, it punches at the very end with that nasty hook - “Fuck You Covid-19.” Damn.


Buried within this fun power-pop/power-rock track is the real message that Covid-19 has hurt so many people in so many ways. From the state-mandated separation rules, to the ruined finances, and of course, lost lives, we all have to find a little bit of humor in this - no matter how difficult.


Cool Ass has facilitated an amazingly necessary message with flawless execution.


Check out “Fuck You Covid-19” by Cool Ass at the links below!

Kyle Oashu - “I Just Want to See the Sun Again” - a sonic journey

July 20, 2020

Kyle Oashu is a hip-hop artist who’s pushing the boundaries of the sonic experience. Today we’re reviewing the album “I Just Want to See the Sun Again,” an album full of interesting aural landscapes and edgy vocals.


The album opens up with “Nimbus,” a fascinating musical journey that feels more like a sonic movie rather than a typical rap song. Starting with a downtrodden piano hook, the track progresses with a nice vocal melody followed quickly by a low-fi beat and edgy rap vocals. Full of dynamics, this track takes you on a musical rollercoaster ride.


All of the tracks on the album are fantastic, but the two other standouts in my opinion are “Godloft / Awake” and “My Grandma Lives in Heaven.” These are the other tracks that truly have mainstream potential.


“Godloft / Awake” is an aggressive track complete with deep, hard-hitting bass drums and edgy vocals. It feels groundbreaking - LITERALLY groundbreaking. The production will shake you to your core - the low end is so huge on this track, you might mistaken it for an earthquake.


“My Grandma Lives in Heaven” has a more uptempo/darkpop vibe layered with edgy rap vocals. The production is interesting, with a dancing hi-hat and 80’s inspired synthesizers. Just like “Nimbus,” the track takes a turn during the second half, painting a fantastic soundscape that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.


NOTABLE MENTIONS: “Erased” has also got insane potential. I can see this being the theme song for an experimental television show (a la FX/Showtime/TBS). It is truly unique with interesting effects and a repeating vocal hook that hypnotizes the listener.

Check out KYLE OASHU and the album “I Just Want to See the Sun Again” at the links below!




“Long Long Time” - Paul Haas - a much needed song for the pandemic period

July 20, 2020

Paul Haas has released a brand new track titled “Long Long Time,” and I’ve gotta say, it’s been a LONG LONG TIME since I’ve heard a fantastic folk song like this. It’s catchy, upbeat, real & passionate. It is clear that this isn’t Paul Haas’s first musical rodeo.


The song starts off with a catchy folk fiddle hook followed by Paul’s upbeat vocals. This is a love song woven into an uptempo folk-pop fabric. The lyrical content can easily be used inside a ballad - but the choice to use them in this fun & danceable way is much, much more interesting. 


Paul Haas’s vocal style is captivating - his voice is easy to listen to, yet it has the same passion of rock singers like Timothy B. Schmit (The Eagles) and Bob Dylan. His vocal style is upbeat and positive, but he’s also got attitude. It’s fantastic. 


Featuring fun swing dancing and bright imagery, the music video for “Long Long Time” is also a great complement to the song’s release. This is a much needed song for this pandemic period.


Check out PAUL HAAS and his new song, “Long Long Time” at the links below!






Charlie Christmas "Pandemic Drinking Song (Empty So Fast)"

July 20, 2020

Hello everyone, MusicFarmer5 correspondent Wolf Georgia here with a brand new review for CHARLIE CHRISTMAS and the song “Pandemic Drinking Song (Empty So Fast)”. As far as the overall message for this song, I’ll give you a hint: one of the lyrics is “I’m losing track of the days and weeks but I never lose my glass.” Sound familiar? Yup, I think most of us can relate to this one!


I hail from California, where lockdowns have been off and on, on and off; scaled back, scaled up; rolled back, rolled over. My oh my, I’m getting dizzy! Well, I never thought anyone would be able to capture my feelings in song, but Charlie Christmas HAS DONE IT!


The song opens up with a unison folk line played simultaneously by banjo, electric AND acoustic guitar. This is the type of layering that the Beatles regularly deployed on their more “bluesy” tracks, and it works so perfectly with the more quirky tracks like this one. It’s cool to hear these retro-revolutionary production techniques employed in a modern song.


Following the line comes the vocals - and I’ve gotta say, the lead vocals are fantastic. They feel tight-yet-easy; cool-yet-agitated. It’s these types of contrasts that set bands like “The Record Company” up for dramatic success. Charlie Christmas’s vocal features also reminds me of some of the greats like BB King, in terms of his impassioned performance and charisma.


Overall the song is lively, upbeat, and a little crazy. Just when you think the song is over, we hear those bottles ROLL AROUND on the ground, and it’s right back to the beat!


Check out PANDEMIC DRINKING SONG (EMPTY SO FAST) by Charlie Christmas at the links below!





Official Site:


Chuckola - “How Do I Begin” - a heartbreaking masterpiece

July 20, 2020

Today we’ve got CHUCKOLA and his single “How Do I Begin - A Corona Song to the World.” This song is incredibly deep and moving. Unfortunately, Chuckola has a direct connection to the dreaded Coronavirus - one of his family members was taken suddenly by this awful disease. You can hear Chuckola’s impassioned plea for hope and healing in this song.


This song is a ballad - there is no doubt about that. An epic, sometimes cruel-sounding ballad. If there is one thing that Chuckola can take comfort in, it’s that he was able to create a dark masterpiece - oftentimes pain is the catalyst for fantastic art, and “How Do I Begin” is no exception. 


The track starts with an emotional acoustic guitar, dark synthesizers, and a sparkly piano. Chuckola’s vocals then enter, with an intense passion that I have not heard in an extremely long time (or perhaps, ever). His voice feels like it’s soaring and on fire at the same time. It’s both heartbreaking and incredibly captivating.


Although he has his own sound, Chuckola can be compared to Seal, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, and Jamie Foxx. This is an incredibly moving track that you MUST listen to.


Check out Chuckola - “How Do I Begin” at the links below:

“LIVE NATURALLY” Phil Joseph - a beautiful, timeless summer anthem with a crucial message

July 19, 2020

Review by Adam Jones

Today we’ve got a very special song to review called LIVE NATURALLY - an amazing track by PHIL JOSEPH, a multi-faceted artist who’s already been making huge waves in the streaming world. Recorded at King Spears Studios, this musical masterpiece is not only very well produced - it’s infused with passion and heart.


The track starts out with an island-style rolling drum fill, surrounded by a cacophony of brass and slick  bass lines. Phil Joseph then layers this section with a vocal riff that makes an interesting intervallic move against another layer of background vocals. This move creates a dissonant, intoxicating musical suspension, and i’s undeniable at this point; there is now a sense of urgency that I MUST hear the rest of the track, AND NOW. To create this type of anticipation while keeping within the confines of a mainstream sensibility is NOT easy to do, and yet Phil Joseph does this. These elements are what keep the listener hooked - the “skip culture” trend that plagues so many artists on Spotify will not impact this track by Phil Joseph.


NOW we get into the first chorus - which hits you hard but also echoes a sense of freedom and “chill”. The chorus hook - “I wanna live naturally, I wanna live differently” is extremely clever. In my opinion, Joseph is reminding us that we all need to take time to remember that this world is beautiful, and we all (the human species) are, in fact, a part of nature. There will be things that are out of our control, and those are the things so many people are burdened by. They don’t allow themselves any time to BREATHE and just LIVE. There couldn’t be a better time to communicate this message, and (dare I say) the underlying music seems to communicate this EVEN SEPARATE from the lyrics. This is not an easy thing to do.


It is SO COMMON for people to get lost in the fray of things - it is NOT usual for people to simply remind themselves that the world is interconnected and sometimes you just have to CHILL OUT! In order to “live naturally,” you must do things differently than the rest. It’s an important message - nay, one that is NECESSARY.


Another fantastic standout element to this production is the collection of lush vocal harmonies - wow! They complement the lead vocal so well and further set this production apart. It really elevates the track to a new level, solidifying Joseph’s musical prowess.


Phil Joseph’s ability to create a symbiotic relationship between lyrics and instrumentation is genius. It’s not often you come across somebody like this. “Live Naturally” is a perfect representation of Phil Joseph’s musical complexity and his ability to package these musical sensibilities in an accessible way for the masses. It’s no wonder “Live Naturally” is shooting up the Spotify charts and breaking all types of records!


Check out Phil Joseph and his track “Live Naturally” at the links below!




Apple Music:



Coconut Rum - VICU, Honore - exhibiting intelligent contrast on another level

July 14, 2020

Today I had the pleasure of reviewing “Coconut Rum,” a brand new single by VICU and Honore. There is no doubt that this is a top notch production - the synthesizers, vocals, and drums are extremely impactful. It’s truly a work of art.


The track opens up with a heavenly synthesizer line, followed immediately by a strong verse vocal. There is an edgy distortion effect applied to the vocals that transports the listener to a whole other dimension. All these tasteful elements only to serve to enhance the vocal performance. Whether intended or not, this production setup really makes the chorus line cut through to the soul: “Since you’ve been gone, COCONUT RUM has been my best friend, take away my feelings.” Damn, that line hits hard.


This is a perfect example of intelligent contrast. Instrumentally the song is inspiring and uplifting; the lyrics, however, tell a contrasting story of heartbreak. This interplay elevates the song into a true work of art that can and will stand the test of time.


Check out COCONUT RUM and the rest that Vicu has to offer at the links below!


Apple Music:

Google Play:


Second Hand Mojo - “Open Up Your Mind” - pioneers of the rock resurgence craft new hit single

July 14, 2020

MusicFarmer5 correspondent Wolf Georgia here with a brand new eview for SECOND HAND MOJO and their unreleased single, “Open Up Your Mind” (dropping everywhere July 31!). 


Second Hand Mojo hails from Detroit. They have cemented their reputation as the quintessential “new classic rock n’ roll” band while retaining the gritty, edgy signature Detroit vibrations that is so critical to the rock revolution. Their sound consists of epic guitar solos, soaring harmonies, and jammable backbeats. Second Hand Mojo brings the best elements from the golden age of rock n’ roll even further into the new millennium with a timeless sound for the ages.


“Open Up Your Mind” opens up with an epic piano progression, followed by an even more epic guitar solo. I can’t help but get the same feelings I get while listening to Journey’s anthem “Don’t Stop Believing” - that is, an undeniable sense that I am listening to a hit song that definitely resonates with millions of people. “Open Up Your Mind” has all those critical hit-making elements, and perhaps even more - it has a raw edge that speaks to the confidence in musicality. These are real musicians, playing real music, connecting with audiences on a real human level - there is no hiding behind drastic Auto-Tune effects, bad drum samples, or fake guitars. This is real.


“Open Up Your Mind” has another combination of secret weapons - amazing harmonies blended on top of a tight rhythm section. Why is this unique? It’s a combination you don’t hear today, ever- they have accomplished this feat with ease. Oftentimes harmonies are presented to the listener while being jammed through machines - perhaps even just duplicating the lead harmony and generating fake intervals on top. If these harmonies are performed without the machines, it is often done by an amateur-esque indie band that can barely keep the rhythm section together. 


The sound of confident, natural musicianship (aka a competent rhythm section) and confident, natural harmonization is almost never accomplished appropriately today - and yet, Second Hand Mojo DOES accomplish this. I love it.


The lead vocals are so cool, echoing a similar tone that was often heard during the glory days of rock n’ roll and no longer appear on the radio today. It’s extremely refreshing to be thrust into the world of Second Hand Mojo - I can honestly say I do not hear these sounds coming from a modern band, and it’s very much needed in these times.


Second Hand Mojo is releasing “OPEN UP YOUR MIND” on July 31, 2020. Check out the promo video below for a sneak peak, and don’t forget to connect with Second Hand Mojo on platforms everywhere!


SUMMER FESTIVAL - Frixtion Dance feat Martin Garrix - the party that never ends

July 13, 2020

Review by Wolf Georgia


What’s up everybody! MusicFarmer5 correspondent Wolf Georgia here with a brand, spanking new review for Frixtion Dance’s brand new single SUMMER FESTIVAL, an intoxicating dance track. This is definitely an epic summer anthem that will be played for years to come.


This track starts out with an emotional, awe-inspiring piano pattern that builds into an intense electronic dance beat - complete with syncopated, rhythmic percussion and bouncy synth hooks. The song has a perfect ebb and flow of dynamics - there are dips and valleys that bring you back to Earth, but just when you feel like it’s time to chill, Frixtion Dance sends you RIGHT BACK UP INTO THE STRATOSPHERE with a heavy breakbeat.


The production hits the listener hard - it’s got a perfect sonic foundation for the club. I could easily hear DJs spinning this single all throughout Europe and beyond for every epic dance party that ever existed and will exist. It’s only a matter of time!


Check out SUMMER FESTIVAL by Frixtion Dance feat Martin Garrix TODAY!

IMTIAZ KIBRIA - eclectic musical visionary pioneers a sonic revolution

Juy 12, 2020

I had the pleasure of being able to review IMTIAZ KIBRIA, who’s been described as “an astral dimensional multi-talented creator that channels sonic vibrations that move the soul and reverberate through the multiverse.” I’ve gotta say, when I first saw this description, my interest was definitely piqued, to say the least. After listening to his music, it all makes sense. He truly is a cosmic wanderer - an artist constantly seeking a new sound, re-defining himself while maintaining his signature tone.


These tracks were born out of a collaboration with Donny Dey, a multi-faceted music producer with magic touch. His sonic innovation gels perfectly with Kibria’s forward-thinking musical sensibilities. It’s also very clear to me that Donny Dey takes inspiration from only the best musicians throughout history, which I will get in to further down in this review.


Our first track to review is “Skydiving,” an eclectic blend of surf guitar, modern hip-hop drums, and soaring vocals. There is a bit of “Soundcloud rap”vibes  sprinkled throughout the song, which brings a whole other element to the mix - tasteful, bright auto-tune effects add an uplifted shine that contrasts the lyrical hook “Parachute is gone, I think I’m dying.” It’s the type of ironic musical choice that only emerges from a thoughtful artist.


Next up is “Give Me the Loot,” a track featuring female vocalist Kendall Chill. This track exhibits some of the attitude of the Beastie Boys, while giving off some “M.I.A.” vibes. Imtiaz Kibria shows off his rapping agility, which sounds both aggressive and fun. Kendall Chill has got a really amazing voice - it’s soothing but also edgy. The blend between them is intoxicating. I keep going back to The Beastie Boys, but that’s something I can’t shake off in regards to this track - I haven’t come across someone able to fully grasp the fun-yet-edgy attitude that made The Beastie Boys so famous. Kibria’s got that attitude - and dare I say, perhaps more.


Following up we have “If I Left Tomorrow” - an 80’s dream pop inspired track with airy vocals and melodic synthesizers. It’s so modern, yet so retro. It’s definitely a track that could help push a drama along on the big screen - not only a “licensable” track, but an artistic assistance. Donny Dey’s production strength really stands out in this track. It’s important to note that Patrick Hale was also an integral contributor to this track.


Next on the playlist is “Kismet,” once again featuring Kendall Chill. This may be my favorite track - I absolutely love the way Kendall Chill’s voice blends with Kibria’s. In this song, Chill’s voice is literally layered ON TOP of Kibria’s - they are singing in unison. Their blend is super unique - it’s both cool and edgy.


I’m so happy to hear Kendall Chill show up alongside Imtiaz Kibria again on the next track, “Phases.”  The track opens up with an R&B guitar hook, and sets a darker, even ore chill tone. This track is cool because it lacks a full-on drumbeat - it’s more like a modern ballad with a hip-hop twist. The track builds up to the final concluding line, “Don’t change me, don’t phase me.”


The final track on the list is “No Yesterday” - a track that sounds like a blend of Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Devo, and The Weeknd. Once again, Kibria pushes the sonic envelope with yet another unique combination of musical influences. As a bassist, I personally love this song because the bass line is just so damn cool. Kibria’s vocals soar over this addictive bassline.


I can’t recommend Imtiaz Kibria enough - it's amazing to hear such eclectic blend of so many different styles, while retaining a single unifying tone. If you haven’t already, you HAVE TO listen to Imtiaz Kibria.

Be sure to check out IMTIAZ KIBRIA at the Spotify link below!

Karl McCann “Pretty Misery” -Liverpool indie musician set to drop groundbreaking new album

July 9, 2020

Review by Wolf Georgia


We are on a HOT STREAK here at MusicFarmer5!  Wolf Georgia here with a review for Karl McCann, who’s about to drop a new album on August 7th called “Pretty Misery.” We’ve had some great artists inquire for reviews this week, and KARL MCCANN continues this trend with grand, emotional fanfare.


The album features “Elusive Reclusive,” an emotional indie-acoustic journey that taps into your spirit. The shiny acoustic guitars give off elements of folk legends like Bob Dylan and Neil Young, while Karl McCann’s vocal stylings remind me of Thom York (of Radiohead). His vocal performance is simple, yet passionate…and somewhat daring. You are kept in suspense an anticipation with each line - this could be also undoubtedly be a result of the various production choices throughout the track, such as doubling one’s own voice in different parts for greater impact. To me, it’s a mix of both - Karl’s natural performative talents only serve to create a greater impact when employing such production techniques.


The other track available (for pre-release) is the title track of the album, “Pretty Misery.” The title track is definitely more of a in-depth emotional “indie symphony.” There are elements of legendary indie band “Brand New,” sprinkled with the various orchestration we hear on OneRepublic’s greatest albums. The 6/8 time structure serves the lyrical theme perfectly - I notice as I’m listening to it, “Pretty Misery” takes my breath away while simultaneously resetting my breath to a deep, restorative pattern.


Be sure to look out for KARL MCCANN and the new album, “PRETTY MISERY” available on Bandcamp August 7, 2020!



Bobbo Byrnes - Queen of the Party - modern day retro-rocker breaks the streamwaves

July 8, 2020

MusicFarmer5 correspondent Wolf Georgia coming at you today with a brand new review for retro rocker turned modern rockstar BOBBO BYRNES and his track “Queen of the Party.” It’s hard to find people like Bobbo Byrnes - there’s barely anybody out there as talented a songwriter as him. Last time I heard someone as down-to-earth and authentic as Bobbo is Tom Petty, God rest his soul.


Queen of the Party starts with a upbeat drums and a bright chord progression. I am catching hints of The Cure, The Clash, Tom Petty, and so many other fantastic rock bands from the golden days. We are thrust immediately into a world of musical integrity and creativity - I can’t stress how amazing it is for me to come across music like this!


After the first impression (intro) establishes my expectations for the rest of the song, Bobbo takes it up a notch and starts to sing. It feels REAL! There is a nice breezy “Flaming Lips” clarity to his voice, and it’s so, so easy to listen to. Many singers blow it with music like this - not Bobbo. 


Coupled with awesome guitar solos, soaring violin, and beautiful female backup harmonies, this track is really a keeper. Check it out Bobbo Byrnes on the FRESHLY FARMED Spotify Playlist, or at the links below!



MADSTRING - EXENYE - a musical work of art

July 7, 2020

Review by Adam Jones


We've got some amazing music by German producer EXENYE, an acclaimed music producer who’s about to break through to the big time. We had the honor of reviewing the musical journey remix MADSTRING - GREEN (Exenye Remix).


The track starts with a space-age synth and lots of nice ambience, followed by a deep drumbeat. The kick/bass interplay is infectious - they play so perfectly off one another. The frequencies are perfectly tuned to bring you into a hypnotic state of absolute bliss - perfect musical balance is very difficult to achieve, and yet Exenye does this masterfully. 


Two minutes into the track, Exenye takes us into another world with extended synthesizer play and further atmospheric scene-setting. It feels like I’m watching a movie from an audible perspective - it’s truly mesmerizing.


At 3:30, we get thrown down into an intense sonic structure with an even heavier 4 on the floor drum pattern. We have now entered the club, and the club is refusing to let my attention go. This is amazing.


The song finishes out with a fading industrial pattern and rain trickling all around. This is truly a work of art.


Exenye is a music producer to look out for. DO NOT miss out on EXENYE and this amazing track! Check out the links below:

Madstring - Green (Exenye Remix)

D. myke, J Young MDK “Let’s Go To Vegas” - top male model drops fresh, potentially chart-topping track

June 28, 2020

BAM! Coming at you today we have a fresh single by D. MYKE called “Let’s Go To Vegas” (feat. J Young MDK).


D. myke was born and raised in Riverside, California where he acquired his taste for music-making. Having naturally good looks (and obviously a great work ethic), he found success as a male model with some of the top brands featuring him in promotions around the world, including Giorgio Armani, Gucci, and Adidas. 


It comes as no surprise to me that D. myke has had an eclectic and wide range of experiences. I can tell through his song, “Let’s Go To Vegas” that he’s an accomplished individual. Much in the same way Jamie Foxx’s music & performances speaks volumes as to his tenacity, intelligence, and creativity, I am getting the same vibes from D. myke. 


The track starts off with a feel-good synth hook and some cool chop vocal hooks. Followed up by a Latin backbeat, the verse vocal enters with super shiny, clean, & interesting vocal effects. The track is built like a traditional urban pop/R&B track, but it has so many unique elements.


“Let’s Go To Vegas” sounds to me like a blend of Black Eyed Peas, Jamie Foxx, and Pit Bull. D. myke has a sound that is unforgettable, and I have no doubts that he will be climbing up the charts very soon.


Check out “Let’s Go To Vegas” by D. myke, J Young MDK below!



Apple Music:


Phantom Phunk - A WEEK AGO - pushing the boundaries of music

June 22, 2020

After a short break, we are back with some AMAZING new music by hybrid artist PHANTOM PHUNK. Blending the best elements of hip-hop, rock, R & B, funk, and jazz, it’s hard not to like Phantom Phunk. We have their brand new single, “A Week Ago,” on the docket today for review!


The sound starts with some psychedelic sounds - it sounds like a chaotic cacophony of tin cans singing their hearts out. It’s an abstract and somewhat odd intro, but it’s strangely captivating. Exploding out of the tin can symphony comes a slide guitar hook, followed by sweet melodic vocal and a slick rap vocal. The production is set up perfectly, drawing your attention to various spots of the audio spectrum while keeping everything glued together.


After the verse comes a breakdown, where we get transported briefly to outer space with some psychedelic synthesizers and floating vocal harmonies. We get thrown back to a retro funk style bridge, which is followed AGAIN by an absolutely stellar rap performance.


Strangely enough, this song reminds me of some of the best elements of legendary hybrid rap/rock/funk group The Gorillaz. It’s the perfect combination of attitude, beauty, chill beats, driving drums, and catchy melodies. What made The Gorillaz so special was their ability to make contradicting sounds jive - Phantom Phunk does the exact same thing, except they bring it into the 2020s. 


It’s hard to overstate how cool their sound is. Check out PHANTOM PHUNK at the links below!

CAPO CORLEONE, B. GULLIE “Hawallywood” - nostalgic and groundbreaking

June 14, 2020

A pair of musicians from international famed music collective “The Hawals” have combined forces to come out with a brand new album, “HAWALLYWOOD.” Capo Corleone and B. Gullie have joined forces on this album, pushing the boundaries of the hip-hop hybrid genre even further.


It’s hard to describe Capo Corleone and B. Gullie as anything other than cool. This is an album you want to blast in your car while trying to impress your girl. The song “She Gon’ Slide” is so catchy and slick, you may find yourself bobbing your head to the tune all day long (even when the speaker shuts off!) The melodies inevitably get stuck in your brain. Not only is the vocal performance super agile, but the bass lines are retro and vibey.


Another standout track is “Paid.” It brings me back to the glory days of the late nineties & early 2000’s. There’s some super cool old-school Snoop Dogg vibes on “Paid.” It transports you to a different time, yet is still super modern. Nostalgic and groundbreaking.


The rest of the album is fantastic, but “3AM” is another track that catches my ear for it’s contrasting dark vibes. It feels like a song that would light up the club on Halloween night. I love this stuff - "3AM" feels like it was written by Danny Elfman if he decided to become a hip-hop artist. It’s amazing.


Check out HAWALLYWOOD on Spotify today, and be sure to follow them on Instagram!

“Hawallywood” by Capo Corleone & B.Gullie:


Social Media:

Fitch Means “Pretend” - rising R&B artist defines the sound of a new generation

May 30, 2020

Review by Adam Jones


The music industry is becoming flooded with mediocre & barely talented individuals. I can happily say that FITCH MEANS is NOT one of those artists. Fitch Means is one of the few that is not only talented, but incredibly gifted. From what I can tell on his new track “Pretend”, he is redefining the modern R&B scene with a brand new approach, while also staying true to the golden qualities of traditional R&B. 


I review many R&B tracks, and “Pretend” stands out amongst the rest. It is a song about the complex nature of being in a relationship. FITCH MEANS' vocal performance on the soaring standout hook, “don’t wanna pretend no more” will cut through you like a jagged dagger - you can feel the passion, and the heartache. It is extremely rare for artists to be able to accurately present their feelings through their vocal performance - it’s what defines the cream of the crop. Fitch Means not only does this effectively, but astonishingly well.


FITCH MEANS is a rare gem. In regards to the single "Pretend" - the production is great, his performance is great, and the music video is fire.


Don’t wait! Check out FITCH MEANS and his new single “Pretend” at the links below!

Link to the Single:

Link to the music video:

Other links:

TONNER “Train to Paris”- a rare display of sonic vibrance

May 30, 2020

May 30, 2020

Review by Adam Jones


Hello all! MusicFarmer5 correspondent Adam Jones here with a brand new review for TONNER’s single, “Train to Paris.” While the song grooves and gives off some super “cool” vibes, it’s also very emotional. Tonner is able to do something not many artists can do - he paints a sonic picture, and it is vibrant.


“Train to Paris” starts with a delay-engulfed guitar line, followed by a 4-on-the-floor kick drum pattern. It creates an aural image as if one is hopping onto a train, leaving behind the past or good. It’s very rare to find music that reflects the lyrical intent, and Tonner was able to do just that. It reminds me in some strange ways of George Gershwin’s ability to paint a musical picture. While listening to the song, imagine yourself sitting alone on a train destined for Paris. It’s one and the same - the music so perfectly reflects the story.


“Train to Paris” is perfect for a movie. If I was pitching this track to a music supervisor, I would say Tonner sounds like a mix between The Eagles, Kings of Leon, and Leon Bridges. It’s very licensable while also staying true to its originality.


Be sure to check out “TRAIN TO PARIS” and the rest TONNER has to offer at the links below!


“Train to Paris”:


Party Pants "Party Pants" - crazy, crazy, & MORE crazy!

May 25, 2020

Review by Adam Jones


Today I got the opportunity to review a music video for a CRAZY song titled “Party Pants” by none other than rising power pop artist PARTY PANTS. The video is truly amazing, and is just as crazy (or even more so) than the actual song itself.


Harkening back to the fun musical sensibilities that engulfed the 1980s and early 1990s, “Party Pants” is very nostalgic - but also pushes forward into the future. Filled with fun vocals and harmonies in the style of “Fountains of Wayne,” this track makes you feel happy, uplifted, and also, a little crazy! There are fun falsetto hooks, trumpet bass hooks, wild group party chants, and killer guitar solos.


I can honestly say I haven’t heard a song like this in an extremely long time. And I certainly have NEVER seen a video as insane as this one. 

As the chorus states:

“There’s a party in my pants and you’re invited

There’s a party in my pants, just because of you!”

Indeed. I concur.

You’re gonna want to check out PARTY PANTS by PARTY PANTS at the links below!

Link to the single:

Other links:

A$H McFarland “Too Little Too Late” - a little bit of doom and glory

May 25, 2020

Today I had the opportunity to review Family Jewels Entertainment's rising hip-hop artist A$H McFarland and the epic album “Too Little Too Late.”


Opening with an homage to Invader Zim on the track “DOOM”, the scene has already been properly set up for A$H McFarland’s album to be a killer masterpiece. After Invader Zim calms down, A$H McFarland begins rapping in his signature way - it’s both aggressive yet soothing. It feels so easy and smooth - it’s a feat that’s extremely difficult to achieve. Making something sound so easy - IT IS NOT SO EASY TO DO!


Then we arrive to “Outsiders,” yet another fascinating hip-hop masterpiece with wrecked vocal effects that can’t be described as anything other than dope. Filled with mysterious old-school bass lines and dirty percussion (including some sick West African percussion), this track is dirty in all the best ways.


Another notable track off the album is Geniu$, a track with dope old-school beats and an interesting lyrical concept that’s both raunchy and intelligent.


Be sure to check out A$H McFarland and his album “Too Little Too Late” at the links below!


Link to the album:


Links to connect:

VIDEO HITS: “Lailien” channels the greatest sonic shapers in history - “AGENT AMSTERDAM” and “VALENTINE”

May 24, 2020

May 24, 2020

Review by Adam Jones


Lailien is a Canadian alternative artist who reminds me of so many great experimental rock artists from different periods of history.


The first track I had the pleasure of reviewing is “Agent Amsterdam,” which incorporates elements of David Bowie, Death Cab for Cutie, and the David Byrne (of the Talking Heads). It’s bizarre, but also rocks! Full of intense synthesizers and weird vocal production techniques applied to catchy hooks, this is a song that pushes the envelope. Our other MusicFarmer5 correspondent WOLF GEORGIA puts it, “this song sounds like a rock band operating from a secret recording studio on Mars.” I agree.


The next track is “Valentine,” a sonic ride that has some Danny Elfman-style hills and valleys int it. Lailien does not waste any opportunity to make his unique artistic statement. Not only is “Valentine” epic and inspiring, but it’s also spooky. The track goes from inspirational a Muse-style chorus straight into a “Nightmare Before Christmas”-style bridge. The song ends with some nostalgic “Boo” sounds from Super Mario 64. I love it!


Both these tracks are extremely unique, and it’s clear that Lailien is not afraid to take risks.


Be sure to check out LAILIEN at the links below!


Link to music video (Agent Amsterdam)


Link to the music video (Valentine)


Other Links:




Ezra Hyte "Monster" - a vibey, epic emotional journey into another dimension

May 24, 2020

Review by Adam Jones

I had the opportunity to review an amazing track today titled "Monster" by EZRA HYTE, an emotive and expressive experimental musician with an undeniably remarkable sense of taste. He’s vibey, cool, a little bit dark, and extremely passionate.


"Monster" opens up with an enticing analog synth hook, which leads right to some hypnotic vocal effects. This ambient atmosphere transports you not only into another world, but another dimension. Once you enter this new sonic dimension, Ezra’s verse vocalizations bring you back to Earth (although it feels like you’re in a “second-dimension Earth,” at this point). 


The song is emotional and hints at a difficult situation. The lyrics “I can’t explain the glory from the pain, that’s just what monsters do” and “who could ever love a monster” indicate that the subject of the song has experienced something both amazing and tragic. Whether it’s meant to be fictional or not, the fact is the production choices makes these lyrics even more impacting than they would be on their own. A stark sonic contrast between the upbeat “trance/electro” style drums and dark, alt-rock piano line make the lyrics strike through to your heart.


This song is fascinating. It could easily be the theme song to a new “Devs”-style show on Hulu or Amazon. I’m curious as to how this will play out, so I personally will be following EZRA HYTE closely.


Check out EZRA HYTE and his single "Monster" at the links below!


Link to the single:


Links to connect:

Jason Biyo “Numb” - the king of the modern R&B resurgence has arrived

May 22, 2020

Review by Adam Jones


Today I had the opportunity to review an amazing new single titled "Numb" from rising R&B artist Jason Biyo. This dude has pipes! After listening to this track, I have no doubt that Jason Biyo will be the one to usher in the best era of R&B music.


The song opens up with an ethereal synthesizer - an instrumental choice which helps to prepare the senses for Jason Biyo’s heavenly vocals. Following the first verse, the 808 drops, creating a deep sonic atmosphere that reels you in even further. It creates a sense of urgency that doesn’t go away.


In my opinion, the thing that separates Jason Biyo’s sound from others is his vocal layering technique. He’s got killer harmonies - his thick vocal sounds transport you to another world. If I had to describe the harmonies, they sound both futuristic AND nostalgic. It’s a very difficult sound to achieve, and yet somehow Jason Biyo achieved it.


Jason Biyo’s “Numb” is a masterpiece.


If you haven’t checked out Jason Biyo’s single “NUMB,” DO IT TODAY! And be on the lookout for his new EP dropping June 5!


Numb on Spotify:

Multi-platform (Apple, Tidal etc.):

Social Media:

Ruzie Riu - A Truly Unique Artist Storms the Streamwaves

May 21, 2020



Hello friends! MusicFarmer5 correspondent WOLF GEORGIA here today with a brand spanking-new review for rising artist RUZIE RIU!

Ruzie Riu is the perfect example of someone who pushes her music forward. It’s clear that Ruzie Riu is not afraid to take risks as heard on the track “Money,” which explores different sonic worlds with complex keyboards and rhythmic vocalizations. As the lyric proclaims, “I work too hard no time to speak.” She may not be speaking per se, but there is no doubt she IS singing!


Another featured track is “Why Do I,” a song with a strong reggaeton backbeat. Ruzie Riu lays it down with vocal layering that goes right up into the stratosphere. As she says in the song, “I can’t do this no more.” Well, it sounds to me like she IS doing it!


Another featured track pick is “Rock with U,” a track with an uptempo backbeat and party vocals.


Ruzie Riu is working in collaboration with record label MONGROOVE. 


Check out RUZIE RIU at the links below, and be sure to stay up to date with Ruzie Riu on platforms everywhere!

Lynne Taylor Donovan, “Strong One” - Canadian country music song helps the world through crisis

May 14, 2020

Review by Adam Jones

May 14, 2020


Today I had the chance to review “The Strong One” by Lynne Taylor Donovan, a powerful song by the Canadian country music artist who’s won so many acclamations. The track was released a couple years back, but is experiencing a strong resurgence during these COVID-19 lockdowns.


The song starts with an emotional slide guitar, followed by Lynne’s beautiful vocals. The song is uplifting and inspiring, while also effectively pulling you down into reality. The lyrics hit at the chorus - “You don’t have to be the strong one all the time.” These lyrics are so authentic - this is not a song telling you to “get over it” or “move on, who cares!” 


It’s a story about being there for each other, and the ability to maintain an optimistic perspective isn’t easy. That’s why this song is experiencing a remarkable comeback.


So many people are being told by celebrities to “improve themselves” during these COVID-19 lockdowns and to just chill out. We are constantly being told on television that “we are all in this together,” while people are worrying about whether they can afford their rent. The reality is, people are suffering, and it’s not easy to just “lay back- don’t worry-improve yourself.”


YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE THE STRONG ONE EVERYDAY.” We need to be realistic, and we need to ask each other for support.


Thank you Lynne Taylor Donovan for this song. It may be helping people through one of the most difficult times in history.


Check out Lynne Taylor Donovan’s powerful song, “The Strong One” on Youtube, and be sure to follow her on all major platforms everywhere!



Misfit “Money Talk” - not your average rap track

May 13, 2020

Review by Adam Jones

May 13, 2020

Misfit is a rapper experiencing a quick rise. Hailing from Chicago in the United States, Misfit has an EP set to be released in July of this year (currently known in the US as the year of the COVID-19 lockdowns). Albums like Misfit’s upcoming EP “The Unchosen Ones” are going to be necessary for us to get through these strange, uncertain times here in the US.


I had the opportunity to review “Money Talk,” a gnarly track with an exotic vintage guitar groove. After the guitar sets the vibe, the beat drops. It’s grimy, dirty, deep, and nasty (in a good way). This is what rap is supposed to feel like.


Misfit’s rapping agility is clear - you can understand everything he’s saying without losing the chill character associated with “mumble rappers” from today. He’s neither old school nor new school - he is MISFIT, which even his name is oddly fitting.


“Money Talk” is fun, but also a little dark. The production’s atmosphere makes you wonder whether it’s just a fun song about having lots of money, OR if there’s a deeper message beneath the surface. 


This dude is smart - it’s definitely the latter. Maybe that’s what draws me to Misfit’s style.


Misfit is not just some rapper - he’s an artist.


Check out MISFIT and his single “Money Talk” today!




Social Media:

King C.P "The Evolution" - a rare storyteller arrives

May 13, 2020

Review by Adam Jones

May 13, 2020


Today I had the opportunity to review “The Evolution” by King C.P, a brilliant sonic presentation of King C.P’s ability to tell fantastic stories through music. The album is the product of 3 years of hard work, and it sounds like it has finally paid off.


The album opens with “Phase 2,” a chill yet grimy hip-hop introduction with vintage keyboards and in-your-face drum machines. King C.P displays some complex rhythmic artistry when he finally begins rapping, with the urgent line “Man you wouldn’t believe the shit I’ve been through.” Damn!


When listening through the album, it really does feel like it’s more of a digital storybook rather than strictly a hip-hop album. It’s very hard to find hip-hop artists that can convey a story effectively, and King C.P is one of those rare gems.


Even the interlude track “By Myself” is engaging in it’s own right. 


The album also features other artists, including Landon, Zaee, and Nick Tyree. Every one of these featured songs are absolutely worth a listen.


To sum it up, King C.P is not only a hip-hop artist, but also an effective storyteller. This is quite rare, and is definitely worth a listen.


Check out King C.P’s album THE EVOLUTION on Spotify today!




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DEAUNDRE "At Night" - a little chill, a little mystery, and a whole lot of heart

May 13, 2020

Review by Adam Jones 

DEAUNDRE is cool, unique, and a little bit mysterious. Set to release the first of two singles, Deaundre and his longtime collaborators Astronaut & Tom are gearing up to make an impact in the streaming world of today.


I had the opportunity to review the single “At Night,” a hypnotic track that opens with a suspenseful plucked string melody. The song then breaks out into a hip-hop power beat, with a solid drum pattern that rocks the body pretty hard.


Alongside the beat arrives the vocal - bright, airy and ethereal. I am feeling super chill vibes, but the production also hits you pretty hard in the heart. “When I go to bed, you’re on my mind.” Wow. That lyric sung within the atmosphere of the production is extremely moving.


Deaundre is set to drop the whole album in July, but be sure to check out the single "At Night" by Deaundre, Astronaut & Tom. It's out on Spotify NOW!





THE NOISE NOODLES - "Shoulder Bones and Kidney Stones"

May 12, 2020

The Noise Noodles are a truly unique act with a comedic take on music. They describe themselves as “Meme Makers,” and it’s easy to see why.


Their first original song was called “I am Caveman,” a punk rock song with a caveman as the lead singer. WHAT?!?!?! Yes indeed, I’m asking WHAT? as well. 


That is to be expected, though, when listening to the Noise Noodles; that’s part of the experience. Jamming to the music AND laughing your butt off is simply part of the package. That, and making memes, of course.

Check out SHOULDER BONES AND KIDNEY STONES by The Noise Noodles at the link below!


Youtube "I Am Caveman":

Oh Well - "Us": Anti-Pop On The Path to Popularity

May 11, 2020

I had the opportunity to review a truly unique artist that goes by the name Oh Well. Upon seeing the name, I had no idea what to expect. After listening to the single "Us," my curiosity has piqued. 


Now I am on a search as to how Oh Well came about. It seems that Oh Well describes himself as "Anti-Pop," which, after listening to the music, makes a ton of sense.

The track starts with a pizzicatto orchestra, as if setting the scene for a magical movie. Then it goes right into a grime-style hip-hop beat, throwing the listener completely off. Right after this, the track ventures even further into a rock groove, jolting the listener again. ANTI-POP indeed.

Then there are the vocals. The tagline starts..."Oh Well, Oh Well," spoken in a fun, carefree tone. After the tag comes the actual vocal melody - it's a bit of ska mixed with hip-hop, and a little bit of rock. It feels revolutionary.

I honestly don't know how to categorize Oh Well. It truly is ANTI-POP! This is unlike anything else I've ever heard!

Check out Oh Well at the links below:



Darshae Kiér "Halasana Girl" - A Display of Revolutionary Reggaeton Artist's Musical Mastery

May 11, 2020

Darshae Kiér is a pop/reggaeton artist who has been rising up the charts on Spotify. After releasing so many amazing tracks (including a breathtaking rendition of Oasis' "Wonderwall"), Darshae Kiér dropped "Halasana Girl" in September of 2019.

You never know when a song will hit, and it looks like "Halasana Girl" is starting to resonate with people during this coronavirus lockdown period. The song starts with bouncy synthesizers followed by an engaging reggaeton drumbeat, complete with fun steel drum hooks and in-your-face snare drum machine. You feel the beat in your chest, and you can't help but dance along.

Darshae Kiér’s vocals are super cool, and it's obvious this dude knows how to sing! The vocals surround you, which sucks the listener even deeper into Darshae Kiér’s world. You can feel his passion.

While it's a fun, upbeat song about a girl, the track's musical qualities are very refined. "Halasana Girl" could EASILY be a Top 10 hit. I don't think it will be too much longer before we hear this track in nightclubs all through the world.

Check out Darshae Kiér's "Halasana Girl" and more at the links below!


Social Media:

St. Geo - “Like Belly” - Powerful Hip-Hop Track Makes Waves

May 11, 2020

I had the pleasure of reviewing St. Geo’s brand new banger, “Like Belly.” The song is the second single from his upcoming album “Stomach.”


“Like Belly” opens with beautiful, ethereal female vocals which paint a sonic dreamscape that transports you to another world. St. Geo’s second melodic vocal hook then enters, adding yet another powerful layer to this musical scene. An 808 build leads us to the conclusion of the intro, where St. Geo then delivers the climactic line, “Belly of the beast, couldn’t stomach that!”


From here, you get whacked in the face with a hard-hitting groove at the verse. It’s truly awesome, and it’s impossible to not bob your head to the music. The production slams hard and heavy.


St. Geo’s vocal agility is better than most of the Billboard chart-topping rappers from today, and you can’t stop moving to the music. Paired with soaring, airy vocal melodies, the track sucks you in and doesn’t let you go. What a powerful tune.


This track is a BANGER! Check out “Like Belly” by St. Geo on Spotify, and be sure follow him on Instagram!





LA SINCLAIR, "ACAPULCO GOLD/LA GOLDEN" - Hemp Activist Takes to the Streamwaves

May 9, 2020

La Sinclair is an artist with a beautiful voice who’s made it her mission to advocate for the healing benefits of marijuana through her song “Acapulco Gold” (new Spanish version “La Golden” was just released.) 


We’ve been through some strange times here in America with regards to this topic, so it’s very relevant. 


The song starts with a chill keyboard, followed by the vocal hook “I am acapulco gold.” The beat then transports us into La Sinclair’s world, where she lays out her case for worldwide marijuana legalization. It’s hard to debate all the points she makes lyrically.


La Sinclair talks about how her father used to use marijuana back in the days while being unaware of the healing benefits. She talks about how there are natural medicinal benefits to marijuana without being harmful (comparing it to other pain meds that cause so many horrible issues with people).


It’s undeniable that this song will have an impact on public opinion. It’s catchy, groovy, and the song’s message is clear.


Now available in SPANISH! Check it out on Spotify under the Spanish title “La Golden,” or at the links below.

DJ RAW B - “Uncorrupted” - Groundbreaking Album Drops from San Francisco Hip-Hop Icon!

May 9, 2020

Today we have some amazing music to review from famed hip-hop icon DJ Raw B. Dj Raw B has a brand new album on Spotify titled “Uncorrupted.” 


In case you don’t know him, DJ Raw B began his career in the early 90’s as a DJ for the famed underground hip-hop show “Beat Sauce” in San Francisco, California. DJ Raw B hung around legendary artists like Outkast, Common, and the Black Eyed Peas during his time at the show. By 2001, DJ Raw B became a force to be reckoned with, as the San Francisco Bay Guardian named him the “Best Local Club DJ” in 2001.


It’s obvious while listening to his album that DJ Raw B earned these accolades for a reason. His music really is groundbreaking while also being accessible. There are so many great elements to these songs, and bring me back to the glory days of hip-hop.


My favorite track off the album is “Kill Zone” featuring Luke Sick, which starts with a nasty drumbeat followed by a harpsichord groove. It has a dark vibe that’s infectious - I’ve listened to the track three times now and I can’t stop. There’s something real special about Luke Sick and DJ Raw B’s collaboration. 


There are other amazing featured artists on this album too, including Dan Wolf, Z-Man, Curtis Spicoli, and Emcee Infinite.


Check out DJ RAW B’s album “Uncorrupted” on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other music platforms now!

BEDROOM CEILINGS - "Clairvoyance is Never Simple" - an indie triumph

May 9, 2020

Today I’ve got a hot review off the presses for Bedroom Ceilings, an indie band that just released a beautiful single titled “Clairvoyance is Never Simple.” The definition of clairvoyance is “the supposed faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.”


During these COVID-19 lockdowns, the song’s title will grab people’s attention. Nobody knows what’s going to happen, and Bedroom Ceilings’ song itself echoes these feelings.


“Clairvoyance is Never Simple” opens with a nice mini toy xylophone melody and acoustic guitar. It feels like you’re sitting in the room with the band as they are performing - clearly an artistic choice that creates an inviting atmosphere for the listener. The vocal comes in with a sweet melody, echoing vibes from The Decemberists, Lumineers, the band “fun.” and others.


“‘Cause lately you feel like a seashell” - as if out of nowhere, that lyric leads you to a rocking outro complete with Weezer-inspired guitar solos and upbeat drums. It surprises you, but it’s almost as if you could sense it was coming. It’s complicated. It’s never simple.


That lyric rings so true to these strange times. The waves of uncertainty are real. Don’t we all feel a little bit like a seashell? 


Check out BEDROOM CEILINGS and their new single, “Clairvoyance is Never Simple” at the links below! And be sure to look out for their upcoming album “Another Bulb Burned Out.”

MusicFarmer5 Review

Dama "Deep Thought" - the vibe of vibes

May 8, 2020

I had the pleasure of reviewing DAMA, an artist that specializes in creating hip-hop style compositions with moody, chill vibes. Dama has worked with many artists throughout the world, and it's clear that Dama's experiences have paid off with this album.


Dama’s album "Deep Thought" opens with a hypnotic piano on "Dissociation," which is followed by a mysterious trumpet. The track then takes me into the world of DAMA, complete with a deep 808 bass drum and grimey drum pattern. It's here where Dama's musical prowess is made known, and you get sucked into the Dama world of hypnotic vibrations.


My favorite track off the album is "Robots Have Feelings Too." The track starts off with a dirty sounding recorded human voice, cut up in an interesting manner. This leads us to the beat, an infectious groove supported by a funky bass synth.


If you haven't heard the album Deep Thought by Dama, check it out at the links below! You won't regret it!

MusicFarmer5 Review


May 8, 2020

Looking for something different during these weird lockdown periods? Check out THE ATIF - an artist with truly unique qualities. It’s clear that The Atif is inspired by the best punk, metal, and hard rock influences of different generations. I can hear some Ozzy Osbourne, Sex Pistols, and even some classic rock sprinkled amongst the music. The guitars soar, and the vocals are CRAZY COOL!

Be sure to be on the lookout for CORONA END by The Atif, COMING SOON!!!


Check out THE ATIF at the links below!

"Send In The Hero" by Shaun Mykal Walker

May 6, 2020

I had the opportunity to review Shaun Mykal Walker, a multi-instrumentalist who created his own unique genre he coins "Alternative Soul." After treading this description, I was intrigued. I had no clue what to expect, and I was eager to find out.

SEND IN THE HERO embodies much more than just the description of "Alternative Soul" - it also just straight up ROCKS! The track starts with a sick guitar riff, followed by intense, rocking drums with echoes of old-school ska. There's a bit of the best elements of early 2000s alt-rock/emo bands which is awesome. The bridge takes a turn with a more eclectic guitar solo around a harmonic minor scale. It grabs your attention and doesn't let you go.

Shaun Mykal Walker's soaring vocals sounds like Thirty Seconds to Mars meets Panic! at the Disco, meets Sublime. It's really unique and you have to check it out to fully grasp it! SO QUIT YOUR READING AND START YOUR LISTENING!

Check out Shaun Mykal Walker's track, "SEND IN THE HERO" below:

ManLikeb.Dot - The Rising

May 6, 2020

Ah yes, the good stuff. That's what I immediately think when listening to London artist ManLikeb.Dot and his single, "The Rising." Old school (good times) hip-hop vibes mixed with elements from the modern grime scene.


The track starts with a gnarly flute line (just listen, trust me), followed by a grooving bass guitar and upbeat dirty drum machine. ManLikeb.Dot starts spitting, and it rocks. It's obvious that ManLikeb.Dot is an accomplished rapper. There are some rappers out there that make me wonder how they do it so quickly and articulate so well. ManLikeb.Dot is exactly that - his skills have me turning my head in confusion. It's like a magic trick. ManLikeb.Dot is obviously a natural rapper, although I'm sure there has also been many years of practice.


While listening to this track, I can't stop bobbing my head up and down - it's impossible. It's as if ManLikeb.Dot IS a human drum machine - a vintage, warm, edgy drum machine that makes you wanna bounce forever and ever.

There are hints of American 90's hip-hop acts as well, which honestly makes me super happy. This is an awesome track!

Be sure to check out "The Rising" by ManLikeb.Dot on the FRESHLY FARMED Featured Artists Spotify Playlist, or at the links below!

DANJUL - Faded Destiny - the anthem of a lockdown generation

May 6, 2020

Echoing notes of The Weeknd and other modern R&B/Soul Crossover artists, Danjul is new to the scene but certainly doesn't sound like a newcomer. The song "Faded Destiny" clearly demonstrates an elevated sense of artistry akin to other hit artists today, and maybe even more so because this song reflects the sentiment that many of us are feeling during these strange times.


The track starts with a suspensful piano, which is broken up by an abrupt tape stop. The bulk of the song then begins, with a laid-back groove and dark chord progressions. Danjul's vocals are undeniably fantastic - his skill is obvious. There is auto-tune on the vocal, but it's purely a stylistic effect, not used for correction as so many artists need. The auto-tune adds to the artistry of the song.


The atmosphere of the song PERFECTLY echoes the main hook of the song, "I'm so sick and tired of waiting, tell me now, tell me now where to find you."


That lyric hook plays perfectly at this time in history. We're all so sick and tired of waiting - we have to wait in order to save lives during these COVID-19 uncertain times. This song is incredibly relatable. Take a listen on the FRESHLY FARMED Official Spotify playlist, or at the links below!

Spotify/Apple etc.


May 4, 2020

We're changing it up a bit and reviewing a truly moving performance that doesn't really fit in any specific sub-genre. Paula Atherton's saxophone artistry is astounding on HOPEFUL by Victor Friedman. 

Like a bird soaring through the air, I feel at peace and whole while listening to this track, while simultaneously being inspired to tackle the problems of the day. Paula Atherton flies on the saxophone. The musical mastery behind the instrument is obvious, but it takes it to a whole nother level when you can literally paint a picture with a performance - one that can't simply be learned, but experienced.

It is clear to me that Paula Atherton is perhaps one of the greatest saxophone players of the day. This, I have no doubt.


Michael Castaldo of course is known for his amazing musicianship - but this really goes without saying. Listen to anything else by Michael Castaldo and you will know what I mean.


Check out the track if you want to hear something truly inspiring!


Apple Music:

Mark Ambuter "37"

May 3, 2020

Raw, passionate, unique, inspiring, and emotional. These are the emotions one feels at the top of "37", a wild musical ride from artist Mark Ambuter. The track departs into an ethereal world with dubbed vocals and acoustic guitar harkening back to Brian Wilson (the Beach Boys) and elements of The Beatles. It takes a sudden turn, thrusting you into the world of rock n roll.


Straight-up screaming live vibes echo throughout the rest of the song - it throws me back to the post-90s grunge days, and actually puts many of those bands to shame. The harmonies at the end are bordering on psychadelic.


I love bands that aren't afraid to try something new, and I can say with all honesty this is a sound I have not heard in the musical landscape of today. Go check out Mark Ambuter's "37" on Spotify today!


CRAZY - by By Small Ruin

May 1, 2020

BY SMALL RUIN is a real band with real guitars, real drums, and real attitude. Not the type of attitude that makes you cringe and want to look away - but the type of attitude that pulls you in and doesn't let you go.


The single "CRAZY" has got vibes harkening back to the raw rocker culture of the late 90s and early 2000s, a sound that has been missing for so many years. It's fantastic to finally hear a band bringing back these sounds of (in my opinion) glory days!! This song is an absolutely perfect Summer song.


"Me Without You, girl, That's Crazy!" I'd say!

FREEDOM by Kafeeno and Rachel Maree


With everybody cooped up indoors as a result of the international coronavirus lockdowns, there is a greater need to feel unencumbered, inspired, and free. Entertaining oneself with the different forms of media is of CRITICAL importance in a time like this.


That is why the song FREEDOM by Rachel Maree and Kafeeno is more important than ever. This song has a throwback beat and is fun - but the vibe now feels like it transports you to a simpler time (which certainly wouldn't have been SIMPLE before coronavirus.) The story in the verse is really interesting with a tiny bit of humor and drama, I might add.


Freedom would be the perfect theme song to a hit primetime television show right now - I honestly can't think of a better theme than at this point in time. Wish I was in a music supervision position right now! (all you TV & film music supervisors, check out this track!)


We all want to feel FREEDOM, and while we can't actually be out on the world truly "free" (without a mask and social distancing, anyway), at least we have this song! Be sure to check out "FREEDOM" by Kafeeno and Rachel Maree on Spotify and Apple Music! (the rest of Kafeeno's songs on Spotify are pretty awesome too).



Thomas Hall, "Springtime Love"

April 8, 2020

Thomas Hall has got the pipes of an angel - a manly angel, that is! Reminiscient of the magic of 90's R&B mixed with transparent feel-good jazz rock, Thomas Hall's track "Springtime Love" is sure to bring a smile to your face during these strange Coronavirus locked-down period. His falsetto is unreal, and reminds us of so many great legends.

You can check out Thomas Hall's video for Springtime Love on Youtube!

Island Apollo, "HOLD IT DOWN"

April 8, 2020

Island Apollo has been on a roll lately.


The hipster rock band has held down the fort with their new single, "Hold It Down."


With gnarly bass, driven guitars, and soaring harmonies, it's hard to find bands that can pull this sound off. Having recorded in Seattle's legendary London Bridge Studios (Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Nirvana), there is a grunge element peaking through as well, echoing sweet reverbations from the 90s grunge area.


This is one of the coolest bands around. It's no wonder Spotify added "Hold It Down" to two of their most popular Spotify-default playlists, "Totally Alt" and "New Noize" (and now of course, to the Music Farmer 5 Ultimate Hits List).



Island Apollo's Official Site:

Sheryl B. Marymount, "Complicated Needs"

July 24, 2015

Sheryl B. Marymount hails from San Francisco, California and is an amazing jazz vocalist bringing some good old-school vibes into the modern mainstream music world.


She just released a brand new album titled "Complicated Needs," an amazingly vibrant album in which Sheryl showcases her amazing voice. Her voice sounds huge yet beautiful at the same time - a real hard feat to accomplish. My favorite track off the album is the title track "Complicated Needs" - complete with a vibrant and fun brass section, this is a must-have for your music library.


Check out Sheryl B. Marymount below!



Corrin Campbell, "What You Wanted"

July 19, 2015

Corrin Campbell is currently on tour with the Vans Warped Tour this Summer 2015, and it's easy to see why. Her music is aggressive, and her vocal styling lends itself to the Warped Tour scene.


Corrin Campbell's voice sounds like a cross between Pink and Hayley Williams from Paramore, which might help to create the emotionally grabbing nature of her vocal stylization. The song itself is both upbeat and aggressive, with pounding punk-rock drums and early 2000's-style distorted guitars that really "bring the heavy," as I like to say. It's the perfect combo of happy and headbang.


Keep your eyes out for Corrin Campbell - she may be about to tear the scene apart.


Check her song out on SoundCloud

Savannah, "Ride or Die (Kind of Way)"

July 16, 2015

Ethereal, spooky, electronic, and eerily inspiring; these are just a few words I would use to describe the music of Savannah, a producer/vocalist whom combines many influences from tribal drums to electronic hip-hop beats. 


Savannah just released a track titled "Ride or Die (Kind of Way)," along with a music video that feels a little bit like a throwback to the original MTV era. The title implies an aggressive hip-hop type song, but it's actually a much more ethereal / laid-back track laced with interested wailing melodies, soaring vocal effects and more.


Check out Ride or Die (Kind of Way) by Savannah below!


Also, be sure to connect with Savannah on Facebook


Inconnu Crew

June 30, 2015

Inconnu Crew is an eclectic group of music producers and composers that create many different genres of music. Working out of Copenhagen, the group works on different genres from hip-hop to R & B, and they know how to do it RIGHT.


One of their tracks really stands out to me, a song titled "Don't Worry." The track has a laid-back feel good vibe while simultaneously delivering serious and dramatic lyrical content. The drums are dope as well.


Another standout is "No Sense," another dramatic and epic piece of music.


Check out all that Inconnu Crew has to offer below!


Inconnu Crew on SoundCloud

Mike Bandz & Louie G, "MY MOMMA"

June 28, 2015

Mike Bandz & Louie G are emotional, intense, and epic - all while retaining street-smart swag that both intellectuals and common listeners can connect with.


The song we're reviewing today, "MY MOMMA," is extremely emotional. It's full of heart, soul, and the street-smart swag I was talking about. The chorus is very catchy as well.


Check out Mike Bandz & Louie G below!


3rd Degree MOB - Mike Bandz & Louie G


June 22, 2015

Today we've got a great European electronic artist for our music lovers - an artist known as CAZRATI. He is quickly gaining acclaim across the European continent for his crazy, feel-good eclectic arrangements and intense sounds. 


CAZRATI is currently touring around Europe, playing at various clubs to adoring crowds of fans. His single, "Vegas B**ch" sounds like a mix between urban, dirty trip-hop and glorious electronic house music. Complete with traditional airhorns and exciting rises / drops, this tune can get anyone up off their feet and dancing to the beat.


Check out CAZRATI below before he makes his way over to the United States and completely annhialates the charts!


CAZRATI on Soundcloud

C. Ninety, "S On My Chest"

June 21, 2015

C. Ninety is dope. His rapping style sounds like a mix between Jay-Z, Eminem, and Kanye West while retaining a unique quality that emanates from his "closested nerd" tendencies as can be seen in his awesome re-release of his single, "Saiyan (Goku/Vegeta)".


C. Ninety is about to drop his newest mixtape titled FIRSTBORN, due out sometime in July. This is an artist you really can not miss out on.


Check out C. Ninety below, and keep your eyes on his website for news about the brand new release!

Denise Renee Caplock, "What Yo' Momma Say"

June 15, 2015

Crazy modern dance music with a funky-fresh 1970's Motown twist; this is the perfect description of Denise Renee Caplock's new single, "What Yo' Momma Say." Full of catchy hooks and a grooving drumbeat, it's undeniably feel-good melodic content will get stuck in your head all day long.


The thing that really jumps out at me in this track is Denise's throwback James Brown-style vocals, harkening back to tracks like "Get Up Offa That Thing." The lead vocal line revolves around a repetitive lyric with fun scream-sing vocals that dance around an improvisational melody. The repetitiveness does not feel repetitive - just like James Brown was successful in making repetition a unique trait of his musical approach, Denise has succeeded. 


The instrumentation is both modern and throwback, with funky e-piano claviers meshing with a groovy bass line and contemporary dance-rock drums. Check out Denise Renee Caplock today before she rockets up the radio charts!


Get it on iTunes Now!


Jacob Bryant, "Through the Windshield"

June 6, 2015

And we're back yet again with Jacob Bryant, a country music artist hailing from Georgia. Bryant just released a brand-new 5 song EP titled "Through the Windshield."


The album starts off with "Through the Windshield," my favorite track on the EP. "Through the Windshield" gives off a Carie Underwood vibe while also retaining a more rock-oriented approach (musically speaking, it retains the rock 'drive'). I can definitely hear "Through the Windshield" being on mainstream radio while simultaneously earning the respect of jaded rock fanatics.


There's also "Holding on to Home," a great arena-rock type song with a head-bobbing half-time feel. There are some FANTASTIC guitar solos in this song.


Another standout for me on the album is "Just Enough Jesus." "Just Enough Jesus" opens up with almost a psychadelic-feel, but then eventually turns into a traditional, good old country jam.


Jacob Bryant is the most promising rising country artist I've come across. Honestly, from production to songwriting to performance, Jacob Bryant's new album has got it all.


Check out Jacob Bryant below!





The Synthetic Dream Foundation, "The Witch King (1st Movement)"

June 3, 2015

And after a short hiatus, we are back with Mythical Records' very own "The Synthetic Dream Foundation," an electronic / dramatic artist with a genius album. 


The album is full of a wide array of instrumentation, including electronic groove drums, epic strings, edgy vocoders, and huge sounding choirs. It's like Hans Zimmer had a baby with Daft Punk. It also emits a throwback vibe reminiscent of great composers like Bach and Beethoven. 


Regardless of your musical preference, "The Synthetic Dream Foundation" is guaranteed to make a huge emotional impact on your senses. While the artist displays a complex composition style, this is not a turn-off for the average listener as it is still accessible at it's core.


Check out "The Synthetic Dream Foundation" and the other Mythical Records' releases below!


The Synthetic Dream Foundation

Mythical Records


Mannequin - Science (cruci)Fiction

May 18, 2015

Mannequin, England's fastest and most aggressive independent band, is back with their second EP, "Science (cruci)Fiction." 


I must say, I am normally not a huge fan of death metal, speed metal, or hardcore music, but Mannequin has a sense of musicality that sets them apart from the rest, which is what I liked about their first release as well. Or perhaps it's the intelligent cohesiveness between the lyrical content and the music itself that makes the music more accessible. For instance, the track  "Do Androids Scream?" begins with eerie synth sounds reminiscent of a robot, and then delves straight into a hardcore screaming verse with extremely fast drums (just like a robot with an overclocked CPU). The lyrics are equally hitting, touching on the controversy over the destruction of the millenial generations way of life - "(Another millenial degeneration) programmed, as if they were robotic."


Mannequin is perhaps the most intelligent new metal band to grace the scene.


Check out Mannequin below:


MANNEQUIN on SoundCloud

Permanent Archive

On the Water, "Cordelia"

May 13, 2014

And after a short break, we are back with the group On the Water, an indie group with a truly unique style of writing. The album is epic, fun, and sometimes unsettling (in a good way). For instance, the vocal stylings on the track "Curtains" reminds me of Tom Waits meets Pirates of the Carribbean. It's actually a really, really great and moving combination, especially when the passion lets loose and the screaming commences.


My favorite track off the album is the title track, "Cordelia," which gives off an Arcade Fire vibe. The orchestration on the track is truly beautiful and emotive. If you're looking for a fulfilling ALBUM experience, listen to On the Water.


Check out their On the Water's album, Cordelia below:



Brandon Adamson, "In This Town"

May 6, 2015

Indie pop musician Brandon Adamson has got an extremely unique style. His music sounds like a hipster-entrenched electronic dreamscape, while his vocals echo the light and flowy style of the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson.


Brandon Adamson just released a brand new single title "In This Town," an electronic 8-bit style disco indie track with a "Foster the People" vibe. The song would fit right in at the dance club, but also is likely to be played in the sound system of a bearded hipster's Prius. 


I can't put my finger on exactly where Brandon Adamson and his music fits in, but perhaps that is what will set him apart in such a bland mainstream music industry.


Check out Brandon Adamson at the links below!





May 1, 2015

And we're back with Nigerian rapper P DIGGA, a hip-hop artist whose got swag, shine, and depth.


He's worked with multiple producers and guest rappers, including none other than Texas-based DJ Chose, and Nigerian heavyweights AQ & NelBOY. "RIP OZO OME IHE NZO" gives off a feel-good vibe while also showing that P DIGGA has some serious chops. The music makes you want to bob your head up and down, while the vocals make me feel like I should push my head forward and back. It's quite a strange and unique feeling, but it feels great!


Check out the newest rap star out of Nigeria, P DIGGA below!


DatPiff - Mixtape

The Ghost of Brooklyn

April 28, 2015

The Ghost of Brooklyn is one of the most interesting acts I've come across in a really, really long time. The artist claims to be a "real ghost of Brooklyn," even going as far to say on their Facebook page that the artist resides in the Green-Wood Cemetary in Brooklyn, NY.


This claim makes listening to the music an extremely odd yet intriguing experience. The song One Love is a great folk-rock tune in the musical realm of Bob Dylan. However, for all the joy and feel-good vibes that the music emits, their is a vocal dub effect on the lead singer that does indeed make it feel like you're listening to a ghost.


The vocal effect is a signature that works quite well for The Ghots of Brooklyn. I can honestly say, I'm not so sure I'm listening to a human being, and it's a little bit unsettling and inspiring all at the same time. The Ghost of Brooklyn is the most talented ghost-musician in all of NYC.


Check out The Ghost of Brooklyn's video for "One Love (w/ Jean-Michel Basquiat" below!



April 27, 2015

AlogiA is glorious. Virtuosic. They have epicly huge guitars, and extremely talented musicianship is the backbone of this musical group.


The vocals remind me of an operatic version of Avenged Sevenfold meets Metallica. The vocals are soaring and enjoyable. This doesn't take away from the heaviness, however - the guitars are so ridiculously awesome, it's hard to pin exactly what they sound like to me. The easiest comparison would probably be Dragonforce


You NEED to check this band out! I've linked a video of what I think is the best tune from them, Elegia Balcanica:


Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, "Breathe"

April 23, 2015

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere sound like a mix between Queen and P.O.D. It's a very interesting combination that I don't think I've heard anywhere else before.


They released a song titled "Breathe," and it's both mysterious and unique. The production on the vocals make it sound like it's "gasping for air," in a way that compliments the lyrics quite well (JUST BREATHE). With their "pleading" style of vocalizations, Roger Cole & Paul Barrere are the perfect performers to convey these lyrics.


Check out Roger Cole & Paul Barrere below, along with other "Better Daze Music" artists:


Better Daze Music Official

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere on SoundCloud

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere on iTunes



Gravedale High, "Aux Morts"

April 18, 2015

Fast, intense, PUNK. Punk is not dead when listening to Gravedale High.


Perhaps one of the most high-energy bands I have come across, they are also one of the most scary. Describing themselves as "horror punk," their artwork and presentation is extremely offputting in the BEST sense. They sound like a cross between "The Misfits" and "The Ramones."


Check out Gravedale High below:


Gravedale High on Bandcamp


April 17, 2015

Eerie, challenging, eclectic, and experimental. These terms are the only way you can identify Noisekraft.


Undoubetly taking inspiration from Europe's hit experimental 80's group, KraftwerkNoisekraft is an entirely different animal. Every song is encompassed in a scary wind sound effect - some more intense than others. The music is largely distorted, on purpose. Very strange and eerie that someone would take the time to record beats and vocals, just to have them absolutely mangled with distortion. This actually adds to the artistry presented on the album.


There is a happy yet moving end to the album with "Christmas Time is Over Again" with a surf guitar and mellow vocals.


Check out Noisekraft below:






Danielle Taylor, "The Chase"

April 16, 2015

Danielle Taylor is an emerging pop artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. She just released her album, "The Chase." Featuring a multitude of styles while retaining the same musical premise, this album is really enjoyable!


Danielle Taylor's vocal styling is beautiful, powerful, and sincere. She sounds almost like Sara Barellies on the title track, "The Chase," but then sounds closer to Lady GaGa on the song "Jump Into the Unknown." It's very rare that a vocalist can jump between these styles while retaining their own voice, and Danielle Taylor does this rather flawlessly.


Check out Danielle Taylor and her E.P., "The Chase" below!


Official Website





Rick Mercer, "Louisiana Cajun Girls Rock"

April 10, 2015

Rick Mercer has got some attitude, and you can hear that attitude on his new track, "Louisiana Cajun Girls Rock." His music has got a strong, bold backbone while his lyrics are fun, old-school, and slightly comedic with a fun-loving, Southern sensibility. The song is super catchy - the hook alone makes you want to bob your head and tap your toes. 


The song is in standard blues format while retaining modern production value - something that is quite rare in today's mainstream world. I can hear Rick Mercer's music on both pop, country, and adult contemporary radio stations.


"Louisiana Cajun Girls Rock" - I can't get those words out of my head. I love and hate Rick Mercer for his extremely catchy song!!


Check out Rick Mercer and Louisiana Cajun Girls Rock below:




Closed Room, "Triangular Cinema"

April 9, 2015

Closed Room is an experimental project that can be described as cool, eerie, fun, and out-of-this-world.


Closed Room released the album "Triangular Cinema," and it's unique to say the least. The vocals remind me of Gwen Stefani meets Modest Mouse, a strange yet delicious combination indeed. Featuring big and raw-sounding indie drums combined with "film sound design"-style FX, this album deserves some attention.


"Surrender" seems to be straight out of an epic movie trailer. Check out Closed Room and their other projects featured on "Triangular Cinema" below:


Closed Room on Bandcamp

Mannequin, "Harpy Doll"

April 9, 2015

If you're looking for some music to bang your head to, look no further - because we found Mannequin.


Perhaps some of the most intense goth-heavy music I've heard in some time, Mannequin quite literally can take your breath away. They released a song on SoundCloud titled "Harpy Doll", and it's as exciting as ever. 


With super fast drums, complex guitar work, and haunting scream-vocals, this track is sure to get you out of your seat. Mannequin makes you want to shake your head super fast and yell obscenities in a way that is so fulfilling, it's hard to describe it with words. You've got to really listen to it for yourself to get the full effect.


Seriously. Listen to them below to hear for yourself!


Mannequin on SoundCloud

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NickNervous, "The Art of Breaking Down"

April 8, 2015

These girls have got it. NickNervous is the next big thing, and here's why.


The sister duo (Caiti & Kelsi Fadness) not only have a really cool last name, but their music is undeniably great. Yes, it's got the indie-mellow groove vibe of acts like Lorde and the folk vibe of The Lumineers, but it's also got something else - musicians who sound like they actually understand their instruments. NickNervous has got the maturity of seasoned musicians and the young vibrance of a garage band at the same time.


The track "A Ghost" showcases the playful nature of the duet, with fun yet haunting lyrics ('There's a ghost in my bed'). It also features a banjo and electronic drums, which creates an equally eerie yet fun atmosphere. 


My personal favorite is "Wanderlust," an indie anthem reminiscent of The Temper Trap. It's got a real feel-good vibe that sounds like it would be placed in an "epic" trailer for the next big AAA-Hollywood feature film.


This is a group you MUST check out. MUST. If I were to give out number ratings, I would give NickNervous a 9.9 out of 10.


Check out NickNervous below!

Manett, "Stigma-Style EP"

April 6, 2015

Modern. Eclectic. Sometimes challenging. Experimental, yet alluring.


Above are some of my descriptions for New York-based Manett's EP, "Stigma-Style EP." Manett grew up on an island in Micronesia, and the island clearly has influenced her music. There are many island/tropical/Native themes in her lyrics, such as in the very experimental track "The Birds (For Paulo)". The tracks are all fit for rotation at, say, Urban Outfitters, but one track stands out to me as also being fit for radio. 


The song "Treehouse" has the same unique vocal stylings as the other tracks, along with the island folk lyrical themes. However, the music lends itself to a more contemporary, "pop" environment. Featuring nice acoustic guitar arpeggiations and raw drums, it feels like you're "Swinging from the treehouse" (the chorus of the song). It's a nice change from the other two tracks.


Manett has also released a casette tape, which is intriguing in itself. Everything about her is interesting, and I'm excited to see where she goes from here.


Learn more about Manett on her Bandcamp page.


Adam Ray, "The Clown Parade"

April 4, 2015

And after a short hiatus, we're back with Adam Ray and his brand-new album, "The Clown Parade."


Adam Ray has got an awesome pop-country voice. Not only is his performance awesome, but the production surrounding his voice is absolutely brilliant. The song "Missouri" is an absolute hit. Filled with great bluegrass style fiddles and feel-good pianos, the instruments support Adam's voice while helping to push the song forward. 


Another extremely impressive aspect of the album is it's "Intro," an instrumental introduction to the album featuring an acoustic guitar, a piano, and a lush-sounding full orchestra.


The album's lyric content is based around Adam Ray's life, a sort of sonic autobiography. Songs like "Addison" and "Hurricane" are extremely emotional, while tracks like "My Love is the Best" and "The Fall" could be suited for a modern-day pop radio. 


Full of musical contrast, bold lyrical content, and epic arrangements, this is an album you don't want to miss out on.


Check out "The Clown Parade" by Adam Ray be