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Below are some highly recommended programs to help you learn something new!

virtual music lessons



Ukelele is one of the most popular instruments of today. Especially in the field of music licensing for television & film, knowing how to play the ukelele can set you apart from the rest. Learning to play can be difficult, but the Rocket Ukelele program makes it easy. Check it!

Perhaps the most important instrument to have an understanding in is the piano. If you're looking for a solid foundation in music, learning either the piano or the guitar can change your entire future for the better. The Piano in 30 Days program makes it as easy as possible.

Songwriting can be an extremely rewarding experience. Composing a piece of music from scratch can be challenging but after learning the processes that make songs great, you can find yourself making sounds that literally change people's lives. The Superior Songwriting course comes highly recommended from the team at Music Farmer.

Guitar is perhaps one of the most defining instruments of the last century. Long understood as the instrument that changed popular music forever, the guitar is now one of the most easily accessible instruments thanks to the guitar course at Jamorama. 

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