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MISFIT “Money Talk” - not your average rap track

Review by Adam Jones

May 13, 2020

Misfit is a rapper experiencing a quick rise. Hailing from Chicago in the United States, Misfit has an EP set to be released in July of this year (currently known in the US as the year of the COVID-19 lockdowns). Albums like Misfit’s upcoming EP “The Unchosen Ones” are going to be necessary for us to get through these strange, uncertain times here in the US.


I had the opportunity to review “Money Talk,” a gnarly track with an exotic vintage guitar groove. After the guitar sets the vibe, the beat drops. It’s grimy, dirty, deep, and nasty (in a good way). This is what rap is supposed to feel like.


Misfit’s rapping agility is clear - you can understand everything he’s saying without losing the chill character associated with “mumble rappers” from today. He’s neither old school nor new school - he is MISFIT, which even his name is oddly fitting.


“Money Talk” is fun, but also a little dark. The production’s atmosphere makes you wonder whether it’s just a fun song about having lots of money, OR if there’s a deeper message beneath the surface. 


This dude is smart - it’s definitely the latter. Maybe that’s what draws me to Misfit’s style.


Misfit is not just some rapper - he’s an artist.


Check out MISFIT and his single “Money Talk” today!




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