Mannequin, "Harpy Doll"


If you're looking for some music to bang your head to, look no further - because we found Mannequin.


Perhaps some of the most intense goth-heavy music I've heard in some time, Mannequin quite literally can take your breath away. They released a song on SoundCloud titled "Harpy Doll", and it's as exciting as ever. 


With super fast drums, complex guitar work, and haunting scream-vocals, this track is sure to get you out of your seat. Mannequin makes you want to shake your head super fast and yell obscenities in a way that is so fulfilling, it's hard to describe it with words. You've got to really listen to it yourself to get the full effect.


Seriously. Listen to them below to hear for yourself!



Mannequin on SoundCloud