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La Sinclair - “Acapulco Gold/La Golden” - Hemp Activist Takes to the Streamwaves


La Sinclair is an artist with a beautiful voice who’s made it her mission to advocate for the healing benefits of marijuana through her song “Acapulco Gold” (new Spanish version “La Golden” was just released.) 


We’ve been through some strange times here in America with regards to this topic, so it’s very relevant. 


The song starts with a chill keyboard, followed by the vocal hook “I am acapulco gold.” The beat then transports us into La Sinclair’s world, where she lays out her case for worldwide marijuana legalization. It’s hard to debate all the points she makes lyrically.


La Sinclair talks about how her father used to use marijuana back in the days while being unaware of the healing benefits. She talks about how there are natural medicinal benefits to marijuana without being harmful (comparing it to other pain meds that cause so many horrible issues with people).


It’s undeniable that this song will have an impact on public opinion. It’s catchy, groovy, and the song’s message is clear.


Now available in SPANISH! Check it out on Spotify under the Spanish title “La Golden,” or at the links below.