VIDEO HITS: LAILIEN channels the greatest sonic shapers in history - “AGENT AMSTERDAM” and “VALENTINE”


May 24, 2020

Review by Adam Jones


Lailien is a Canadian alternative artist who reminds me of so many great experimental rock artists from different periods of history.


The first track I had the pleasure of reviewing is “Agent Amsterdam,” which incorporates elements of David Bowie, Death Cab for Cutie, and the David Byrne (of the Talking Heads). It’s bizarre, but also rocks! Full of intense synthesizers and weird vocal production techniques applied to catchy hooks, this is a song that pushes the envelope. Our other MusicFarmer5 correspondent WOLF GEORGIA puts it, “this song sounds like a rock band operating from a secret recording studio on Mars.” I agree.


The next track is “Valentine,” a sonic ride that has some Danny Elfman-style hills and valleys int it. Lailien does not waste any opportunity to make his unique artistic statement. Not only is “Valentine” epic and inspiring, but it’s also spooky. The track goes from inspirational a Muse-style chorus straight into a “Nightmare Before Christmas”-style bridge. The song ends with some nostalgic “Boo” sounds from Super Mario 64. I love it!


Both these tracks are extremely unique, and it’s clear that Lailien is not afraid to take risks.


Be sure to check out LAILIEN at the links below!


Link to music video (Agent Amsterdam)


Link to the music video (Valentine)


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