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Kyle Oashu - “I Just Want to See the Sun Again” - a sonic journey

Review by Adam Jones

July 20, 2020


Kyle Oashu is a hip-hop artist who’s pushing the boundaries of the sonic experience. Today we’re reviewing the album “I Just Want to See the Sun Again,” an album full of interesting aural landscapes and edgy vocals.


The album opens up with “Nimbus,” a fascinating musical journey that feels more like a sonic movie rather than a typical rap song. Starting with a downtrodden piano hook, the track progresses with a nice vocal melody followed quickly by a low-fi beat and edgy rap vocals. Full of dynamics, this track takes you on a musical rollercoaster ride.


All of the tracks on the album are fantastic, but the two other standouts in my opinion are “Godloft / Awake” and “My Grandma Lives in Heaven.” These are the other tracks that truly have mainstream potential.


“Godloft / Awake” is an aggressive track complete with deep, hard-hitting bass drums and edgy vocals. It feels groundbreaking - LITERALLY groundbreaking. The production will shake you to your core - the low end is so huge on this track, you might mistaken it for an earthquake.


“My Grandma Lives in Heaven” has a more uptempo/darkpop vibe layered with edgy rap vocals. The production is interesting, with a dancing hi-hat and 80’s inspired synthesizers. Just like “Nimbus,” the track takes a turn during the second half, painting a fantastic soundscape that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.


NOTABLE MENTIONS: “Erased” has also got insane potential. I can see this being the theme song for an experimental television show (a la FX/Showtime/TBS). It is truly unique with interesting effects and a repeating vocal hook that hypnotizes the listener.


Check out KYLE OASHU and the album “I Just Want to See the Sun Again” at the links below!

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/52LCifdwdLHrskOKbJmuNT

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kyleoashu/