KEMPER GRANT “Jungle” - energetic artist drops vibrant and enticing album

Review by Adam Jones

July 28, 2020


KEMPER GRANT has released “Jungle,” a vibrant collection of songs spanning many different styles. Grant is a multi-faceted artist with different influences ranging from disco to dirty hip-hop. It’s a pleasant cacophony of sonic bliss when listening through the album; it’s like dining on a delicious new groundbreaking dish created by America's Next Top Chef.


The album opens with “All Day All Night” (featuring Young Polo), which starts with a chilled-out synth followed by an industrial hip-hop drumbeat. The vocals come in - nice and bright, yet laid-back and vibey. The melodies are extremely catchy and it feels breezy.


The album moves on to “Blind” featuring Emily Auer. Again, this track feels good and calm, but this time there is a rhythmic guitar plucking off different parts of the melody. Emily Auer provides a fantastic accompaniment to this track with her bright and energetic presence.


My personal favorite off the album is “Uber Ride to Cry” - it’s got extremely interesting rhythmic complexities and a little bit of a Michael Jackson vibe goin’ on. The vocal melody is fun and catchy. The decision to make the vocal melody more upbeat makes it incredibly interesting to listen to since the lyrics reflection the opposing emotion.


The dynamic musical contrast Kemper Grant has created is very special. You don’t want to miss this.


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