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Karl McCann “Pretty Misery” -Liverpool indie musician set to drop groundbreaking new album

Review by Wolf Georgia

July 9, 2020


We are on a HOT STREAK here at MusicFarmer5!  Wolf Georgia here with a review for Karl McCann, who’s about to drop a new album on August 7th called “Pretty Misery.” We’ve had some great artists inquire for reviews this week, and KARL MCCANN continues this trend with grand, emotional fanfare.


The album features “Elusive Reclusive,” an emotional indie-acoustic journey that taps into your spirit. The shiny acoustic guitars give off elements of folk legends like Bob Dylan and Neil Young, while Karl McCann’s vocal stylings remind me of Thom York (of Radiohead). His vocal performance is simple, yet passionate…and somewhat daring. You are kept in suspense an anticipation with each line - this could be also undoubtedly be a result of the various production choices throughout the track, such as doubling one’s own voice in different parts for greater impact. To me, it’s a mix of both - Karl’s natural performative talents only serve to create a greater impact when employing such production techniques.


The other track available (for pre-release) is the title track of the album, “Pretty Misery.” The title track is definitely more of a in-depth emotional “indie symphony.” There are elements of legendary indie band “Brand New,” sprinkled with the various orchestration we hear on OneRepublic’s greatest albums. The 6/8 time structure serves the lyrical theme perfectly - I notice as I’m listening to it, “Pretty Misery” takes my breath away while simultaneously resetting my breath to a deep, restorative pattern.


Be sure to look out for KARL MCCANN and the new album, “PRETTY MISERY” available on Bandcamp August 7, 2020!