Hazeline Taffe “Finally” - A gospel masterpiece of epic proportions

Review by Wolf Georgia

July 27, 2020


What’s up everybody? MusicFarmer5 correspondent WOLF GEORGIA here today with another exciting interview for gospel/worship artist HAZELINE TAFFE and the amazing album “Finally.” The album is a collection of worship songs that not only serves its purpose of worship, but also creates an eclectic soundscape with songs fit for an epic movie.


The album opens up with “Carry You Along,” a more traditional gospel track with beautiful piano melodies and soaring vocals. She sounds beautiful, with an angelic vocal quality similar to legendary Whitney Houston’s timbre.


We then travel to Because of You, a track that introduces ambient percussion beneath a singable vocal melody. Hazeline shows off her ability to perform different vocal runs on this track.


My favorite track off the album is “We Worship You,” an amazing acapella song with gorgeous vocal harmonies and a fantastic, passionate performance by Hazeline Taffe. It’s truly awe-inspiring.


Other notable mentions are “Finally” with its uptempo drumbeat and smooth jazz saxophones, and “I Will Glorify Your Name”, a track with a soaring vocal performance and beautiful harmonies.


Check out HAZELINE TAFFE and the album “FINALLY” at the links below!