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Apogee ONE, Apogee Duet Lightning

Apogee is known for making amazingly great audio interfaces for an amazingly great deal. Apogee is known for their AMAZING preamps and audio converters, and now, the prices are even more amazing than ever. Since the price of developing these technologies have dropped significantly over the years, the price of purchasing these professional grade audio interfaces has dropped as well.


The Apogee interfaces are truly the best you can buy, and they are now extremely afforadable. Even a "personal/home studio" owner can now own the professional grade interface "Apogee One" for the ridiculously low price of $349.


If you are thinking about upgrading your studio, you will NOT regret upgrading to the Apogee. The preamps are crystal clear - you can even use them without another preamp! And the converters are absolutely phenomenal - even in the midst of a professional $1,000,000 studio, these converters stand up!


Check out these wonderful Apogee interfaces below:


Apogee Duet 2 (2-channel) LIGHTNING


Apogee ONE (1-channel)

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Shure Beta 57A

Jan 23, 2015 / Beta 57A

The Shure Beta 57A - a take on the Beta 57 with a twist. The Beta 57A is perfect for live situations, yes, but did you know that the 57A is also an ideal microphone for recording?


Historically the SM57 basic model (the $100 version) has been used to mic guitars & snare drums both in the studio and on stage, but the Beta 57A offers more flexibility for a little more cost (about $140). If hooked up to a proper preamp (like the Grace M101), the microphone will give a nice, clear sound for VOCALS similar to that of a large diaphragm condenser microphone but without the unnecessary muddy low frequencies. 


Of course, this varies according to the situation, but in most cases it should work nicely. 


SUMMED UP: If you're looking for a cheap but high-quality alternative to an expensive condenser microphone, get the Shure Beta 57A - it's less than $150, and you will use it for many different situations, and for many many years!

BLUE Robbie Preamp

Jan 23, 2015 / #GreatPreamps

Looking for a professional grade quality preamp under $1,000? Look no further, the BLUE Robbie Preamp is all you need.


Not only does it look like an awesome robot head, but the Robbie offers an extremely clear signal while maintaining that "BLUE" sonic character. If you need feel like your personal studio sound is missing something, the BLUE Robbie will fill that void.


You can use it with vocal microphones, guitar microphones, direct guitar signals, basses, keyboards, and any other sound source that needs a professional shine.

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