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"SUMMER FESTIVAL" - Frixtion Dance feat Martin Garrix - the party that never ends

July 13, 2020

Review by Wolf Georgia

What’s up everybody! MusicFarmer5 correspondent Wolf Georgia here with a brand, spanking new review for Frixtion Dance’s brand new single SUMMER FESTIVAL, an intoxicating dance track. This is definitely an epic summer anthem that will be played for years to come.


This track starts out with an emotional, awe-inspiring piano pattern that builds into an intense electronic dance beat - complete with syncopated, rhythmic percussion and bouncy synth hooks. The song has a perfect ebb and flow of dynamics - there are dips and valleys that bring you back to Earth, but just when you feel like it’s time to chill, Frixtion Dance sends you RIGHT BACK UP INTO THE STRATOSPHERE with a heavy breakbeat.


The production hits the listener hard - it’s got a perfect sonic foundation for the club. I could easily hear DJs spinning this single all throughout Europe and beyond for every epic dance party that ever existed and will exist. It’s only a matter of time!


Check out SUMMER FESTIVAL by Frixtion Dance feat Martin Garrix TODAY!