Fitch Means “Pretend” - rising R&B artist defines the sound of a new generation

May 30, 2020

Review by Adam Jones


The music industry is becoming flooded with mediocre & barely talented individuals. I can happily say that FITCH MEANS is NOT one of those artists. Fitch Means is one of the few that is not only talented, but incredibly gifted. From what I can tell on his new track “Pretend”, he is redefining the modern R&B scene with a brand new approach, while also staying true to the golden qualities of traditional R&B. 


I review many R&B tracks, and “Pretend” stands out amongst the rest. It is a song about the complex nature of being in a relationship. FITCH MEANS' vocal performance on the soaring standout hook, “don’t wanna pretend no more” will cut through you like a jagged dagger - you can feel the passion, and the heartache. It is extremely rare for artists to be able to accurately present their feelings through their vocal performance - it’s what defines the cream of the crop. Fitch Means not only does this effectively, but astonishingly well.


FITCH MEANS is a rare gem. In regards to the single "Pretend" - the production is great, his performance is great, and the music video is fire.


Don’t wait! Check out FITCH MEANS and his new single “Pretend” at the links below!

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