Ezra Hyte "Monster" - a vibey, epic emotional journey into another dimension

May 24, 2020

Review by Adam Jones

I had the opportunity to review an amazing track today titled "Monster" by EZRA HYTE, an emotive and expressive experimental musician with an undeniably remarkable sense of taste. He’s vibey, cool, a little bit dark, and extremely passionate.


"Monster" opens up with an enticing analog synth hook, which leads right to some hypnotic vocal effects. This ambient atmosphere transports you not only into another world, but another dimension. Once you enter this new sonic dimension, Ezra’s verse vocalizations bring you back to Earth (although it feels like you’re in a “second-dimension Earth,” at this point). 


The song is emotional and hints at a difficult situation. The lyrics “I can’t explain the glory from the pain, that’s just what monsters do” and “who could ever love a monster” indicate that the subject of the song has experienced something both amazing and tragic. Whether it’s meant to be fictional or not, the fact is the production choices makes these lyrics even more impacting than they would be on their own. A stark sonic contrast between the upbeat “trance/electro” style drums and dark, alt-rock piano line make the lyrics strike through to your heart.


This song is fascinating. It could easily be the theme song to a new “Devs”-style show on Hulu or Amazon. I’m curious as to how this will play out, so I personally will be following EZRA HYTE closely.


Check out EZRA HYTE and his single "Monster" at the links below!


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