Empire Affair, "PANGS"


And after a New Year's holiday, we're back with UK's best new band, Empire Affair and their new EP "PANGS."


Empire Affair is making a big splash in the music scene. Their new album "PANGS" is available everywhere and it sounds like tons of modern goodness!


Standouts include "DNA Code" which reminds me a little bit of old-school Killers mixed with punk rock vibes. The synth is beefy, and the vocals are raw yet fantastic. The beat lends itself to the punk feel - the drums sound raw, dry, and AWESOME!


Another great tune is "Press Reset," which utilizes some of the same rhythm-play that one can find with bands like Vampire Weekend. It's clear that Empire Affair takes inspiration from so many different sources, creating a truly unique blend of modern rock.


I've got to say, this is one of the coolest bands I've come across in awhile. Keep your eyes peeled for Empire Affair!



Empire Affair's Official Website: