Dussev, "Keviyah"


Want some fist-pumping, heavy breathing music with a sense of purpose? Look no further, as Dussev fills all these qualities and more!


Dussev is a doctor by day and musician by night. Hailing from his homeland of Mexico, he creates electronic music that not only pumps people up, but has the kind of raw energy fit for a high-end dance club.


The beats in his music have clear Latin influences while maintaining the broad appeal of the international mainstream, while his sounds and tones are nothing less than exciting.


Dussev just released a single as a free download on SoundCloud, titled "Keviyah". He also has another single on iTunes titled "Endaia," which is has a more heavily Latin-influenced beat structure.


Check out Dussev below!


Dussev on iTunes

Dussev on SoundCloud