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DEAUNDRE "At Night" - a little chill, a little mystery, and a whole lot of heart

Review by Adam Jones 

DEAUNDRE is cool, unique, and a little bit mysterious. Set to release the first of two singles, Deaundre and his longtime collaborators Astronaut & Tom are gearing up to make an impact in the streaming world of today.


I had the opportunity to review the single “At Night,” a hypnotic track that opens with a suspenseful plucked string melody. The song then breaks out into a hip-hop power beat, with a solid drum pattern that rocks the body pretty hard.


Alongside the beat arrives the vocal - bright, airy and ethereal. I am feeling super chill vibes, but the production also hits you pretty hard in the heart. “When I go to bed, you’re on my mind.” Wow. That lyric sung within the atmosphere of the production is extremely moving.


Deaundre is set to drop the whole album in July, but be sure to check out the single "At Night" by Deaundre, Astronaut & Tom. It's out on Spotify NOW!