David Arn, "Walking to Dreamland"


What do you get when you mix the lyrical genius of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty with the musical emotion of Brandon Flowers? David Arn!


David Arn is releasing a brand-new album on FEBRUARY 1st of this year titled Walking to Dreamland, and it is GREAT! The full-length album features 10 songs of pure goodness.


A lot of the album is pure toe-tapping genius, complete with lyrical complexity that anyone can appreciate. In true Brian Wilson style, David Arn incorporates the main theme of the album throughout his songs, as can be heard on the song "When You Lost Your Situation" (which also happens to be my personal favorite on the album.) He makes various references to the title track/album name, Walking to Dreamland, which is something a lot of artists are afraid of doing these days. You can truly hear David's personality in the music.


David Arn is a storyteller - not only a musician - and the album is full of auditory landscapes just waiting to be explored.



Check out David Arn's video for the title track "Walking to Dreamland", and be sure to look out for his album, Walking to Dreamland, out on iTunes and Amazon MP3 February 1st, 2015!