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DAMA, "Deep Thought" - the vibe of vibes

May 8, 2020

Review by Adam Jones


I had the pleasure of reviewing DAMA, an artist that specializes in creating hip-hop style compositions with moody, chill vibes. Dama has worked with many artists throughout the world, and it's clear that Dama's experiences have paid off with this album.


Dama’s album "Deep Thought" opens with a hypnotic piano on "Dissociation," which is followed by a mysterious trumpet. The track then takes me into the world of DAMA, complete with a deep 808 bass drum and grimey drum pattern. It's here where Dama's musical prowess is made known, and you get sucked into the Dama world of hypnotic vibrations.


My favorite track off the album is "Robots Have Feelings Too." The track starts off with a dirty sounding recorded human voice, cut up in an interesting manner. This leads us to the beat, an infectious groove supported by a funky bass synth.


If you haven't heard the album Deep Thought by Dama, check it out at the links below! You won't regret it!