Cool Ass - “Fuck You Covid-19” - What He Said!

Review by Wolf Georgia

July 24, 2020


What’s up everybody, MusicFarmer5 correspondent WOLF GEORGIA here with a killer new track from COOL ASS titled “Fuck You Covid-19.” If you think the title is indicative of an artist with attitude, you’re right AND wrong - Cool Ass is so much more than that. He’s edgy, cool, fun, and comedic. It’s been an extremely long time since I’ve heard a musician like this. The last artist I know of that successfully created art with this dynamic contrast is David Byrne (Talking Heads). I am also sensing some influences from timeless artists like the B-52s, Fountains of Wayne (rest in peace - FUCK YOU COVID!), and David Bowie.


Cool Ass was created by Marc Marut, an actor who found success on the silver screen in the  early 2000s. You may know him from such legendary productions like “Goosebumps” and “Road to Avonlea.” Referencing this production (and music video), it’s clear that Marc Marut has an extremely artistic background; I’m not surprised he grew up an actor.


The song starts out with a male voice saying “Ready for this shi*?” followed by a laugh. The music kicks in, with heavy rock drums and power-pop synthesizers. Then, our ears get WHACKED with an intense scream; it almost sounds like it’s coming from Ozzy Osbourne’s bat-stained lips (too soon, sorry!). 


This intro ALREADY SUMS UP what we all have been experiencing during these global COVID-19 lockdowns - it seemed serious at first, then was kinda funny (and not so much a big deal), then we were all hit with the reality of what this virus means not only for humankind, but for society as a WHOLE. Wow. I do not know if Marc Marut had this intention, but I can’t help but think that the first 18 seconds of this song completely summarize the past 10 months of our lives.


Moving on, we really get into the groove with the main synth hooks, followed by the verse vocals. “Well it’s been a few weeks now, since I’ve been stuck here at home. I thank God for the Internet, I thank God for my phone.” It’s fun, upbeat, and very catchy.


Next comes the prechorus, with an ascending chord progression and another layered intervallic synthesizer on top. Cool Ass’s DAVID BYRNE vocal inflection comes in, complete with double vocal tracking and vocoder-effected layers. 


Then comes the chorus - the chorus harmonies are very powerful and sound just like Fountains of Wayne. It’s been awhile since these production techniques have been employed on a mainstream-accessible track like this. While the chorus is super fun, it punches at the very end with that nasty hook - “Fuck You Covid-19.” Damn.


Buried within this fun power-pop/power-rock track is the real message that Covid-19 has hurt so many people in so many ways. From the state-mandated separation rules, to the ruined finances, and of course, lost lives, we all have to find a little bit of humor in this - no matter how difficult.


Cool Ass has facilitated an amazingly necessary message with flawless execution.


Check out “Fuck You Covid-19” by Cool Ass at the links below!