Chuckola - “How Do I Begin” - a heartbreaking masterpiece

Review by Adam Jones

July 20, 2020


Today we’ve got CHUCKOLA and his single “How Do I Begin - A Corona Song to the World.” This song is incredibly deep and moving. Unfortunately, Chuckola has a direct connection to the dreaded Coronavirus - one of his family members was taken suddenly by this awful disease. You can hear Chuckola’s impassioned plea for hope and healing in this song.


This song is a ballad - there is no doubt about that. An epic, sometimes cruel-sounding ballad. If there is one thing that Chuckola can take comfort in, it’s that he was able to create a dark masterpiece - oftentimes pain is the catalyst for fantastic art, and “How Do I Begin” is no exception. 


The track starts with an emotional acoustic guitar, dark synthesizers, and a sparkly piano. Chuckola’s vocals then enter, with an intense passion that I have not heard in an extremely long time (or perhaps, ever). His voice feels like it’s soaring and on fire at the same time. It’s both heartbreaking and incredibly captivating.


Although he has his own sound, Chuckola can be compared to Seal, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, and Jamie Foxx. This is an incredibly moving track that you MUST listen to.


Check out Chuckola - “How Do I Begin” at the links below: