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Charlie Christmas "Pandemic Drinking Song (Empty So Fast)"

Review by Wolf Georgia

July 20, 2020


Hello everyone, MusicFarmer5 correspondent Wolf Georgia here with a brand new review for CHARLIE CHRISTMAS and the song “Pandemic Drinking Song (Empty So Fast)”. As far as the overall message for this song, I’ll give you a hint: one of the lyrics is “I’m losing track of the days and weeks but I never lose my glass.” Sound familiar? Yup, I think most of us can relate to this one!


I hail from California, where lockdowns have been off and on, on and off; scaled back, scaled up; rolled back, rolled over. My oh my, I’m getting dizzy! Well, I never thought anyone would be able to capture my feelings in song, but Charlie Christmas HAS DONE IT!


The song opens up with a unison folk line played simultaneously by banjo, electric AND acoustic guitar. This is the type of layering that the Beatles regularly deployed on their more “bluesy” tracks, and it works so perfectly with the more quirky tracks like this one. It’s cool to hear these retro-revolutionary production techniques employed in a modern song.


Following the line comes the vocals - and I’ve gotta say, the lead vocals are fantastic. They feel tight-yet-easy; cool-yet-agitated. It’s these types of contrasts that set bands like “The Record Company” up for dramatic success. Charlie Christmas’s vocal features also reminds me of some of the greats like BB King, in terms of his impassioned performance and charisma.


Overall the song is lively, upbeat, and a little crazy. Just when you think the song is over, we hear those bottles ROLL AROUND on the ground, and it’s right back to the beat!


Check out PANDEMIC DRINKING SONG (EMPTY SO FAST) by Charlie Christmas at the links below!





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