Brent LeVasseur, "Another World" feat Élan Noelle

review by Adam Jones


Looking for an upbeat pop extravaganza that truly grabs your attention and does not let go? Then look no further - this tune featuring Élan Noelle is all you've been hoping for and more.


"Another World" was written in conjunction with the release of Brent LeVasseur's science fiction saga, Aoleon the Martian Girl, a science fiction novel aimed at the teenage/pre-teen demographic. The song is magical. Opening up with a piano and glockenspiel arpeggio, the music seemingly drives itself into a Michael Jackson-inspired verse and a glorious chorus full of vocal jazz chords in the harmonic stylings of Pat Metheny and Stevie Wonder. The production value is equally intriguing - with exciting synths and drum samples that instill a sense of excitement. And of course, Élan Noelle's voice is simply gorgeous and her performance is inspiring.


This is truly an amazing feat. To have a song like this paired alongside a science fiction novel is an incredibly unique approach to promotion and a necessary innovation in today's saturated market. Brent LeVasseur isn't only a writer - he's an innovator and a pioneer.


If you haven't checked this out, do it now. You'll regret it when Brent's work is as big as the Harry Potter franchise.


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