Bobbo Byrnes - Queen of the Party - modern day retro-rocker breaks the streamwaves

Review by Wolf Georgia

July 8, 2020


MusicFarmer5 correspondent Wolf Georgia coming at you today with a brand new review for retro rocker turned modern rockstar BOBBO BYRNES and his track “Queen of the Party.” It’s hard to find people like Bobbo Byrnes - there’s barely anybody out there as talented a songwriter as him. Last time I heard someone as down-to-earth and authentic as Bobbo is Tom Petty, God rest his soul.


Queen of the Party starts with a upbeat drums and a bright chord progression. I am catching hints of The Cure, The Clash, Tom Petty, and so many other fantastic rock bands from the golden days. We are thrust immediately into a world of musical integrity and creativity - I can’t stress how amazing it is for me to come across music like this!


After the first impression (intro) establishes my expectations for the rest of the song, Bobbo takes it up a notch and starts to sing. It feels REAL! There is a nice breezy “Flaming Lips” clarity to his voice, and it’s so, so easy to listen to. Many singers blow it with music like this - not Bobbo. 


Coupled with awesome guitar solos, soaring violin, and beautiful female backup harmonies, this track is really a keeper. Check it out Bobbo Byrnes on the FRESHLY FARMED Spotify Playlist, or at the links below!