Music Reviews: ARJUN, "CORE"


Ever wondered what modern alternative rock would sound like if improvisational jazz players would at the healm? Look no further - ARJUN has got you covered.


This instrumental trio emerged from the New York scene in the mid 2000's. Their sound is reminiscient of Weather Report, Joe Satriani, and a little bit of Radiohead. Their album "CORE" is the perfect representation of this combination of influences.


The single on the album, "CORE" is absolutely brilliant and rocking. You literally want to rock your body back and forth to the half-time feel. Filled with uplifting guitar solos and wonderfully warm organ licks provided by John Medeski of Medeski Martin and Wood, CORE reminds me of the psychadelic music of the sixties, but with a group of TIGHT musicians rather than the loosey-goosey messiness that the time period encompassed. It's quite pleasing, and dare I say....revolutionary!


If this isn't enough to make you want to give ARJUN a try, then nothing will. Really - CHECK THEM OUT! You can get there album everywhere - iTunes, CDBaby, etc.!


Below is a link to their single, "CORE" (via Youtube) and website:


"CORE" by ARJUN (Youtube Video)


ARJUN Official Website