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Tunecore - Music Distribution, Mastering, & Licensing

Jan 21, 2020 Tunecore is the ultimate all-in-one website offering music distribution services on iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Amazon & more. The other great thing about Tunecore is that they offer music licensing services as well - meaning you can get your own music into television shows & film very easily, simply by opting in for their non-exclusive synch licensing service.This enables you to earn money and get your music placed on television, film, and in video games without the hassle of seeking out another separate licensing entity.Tunecore also offers mastering services and has a long-standing relationship with the legendary UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP - meaning your music may even be scouted by a Universal label!Check out Tunecore below:

VoTop - the new way for hit-making

December 28, 2014

VoTop is a real-time music chart where everyone can vote. You can decide what’s going to be the next hit of the year! From Country, to Dubstep, Pop, has got something for everyone. 


The thing that I love about VoTop is it’s easy-to-use interface. VoTop is straightforward and makes for an inviting and fun experience. From a music producer’s perspective, VoTop is a great way for artists to expand their audience in a simple, effective way. 


Check out below!


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