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Mark Ambuter, "37"

review by Adam Jones

Raw, passionate, unique, inspiring, and emotional. These are the emotions one feels at the top of "37", a wild musical ride from artist Mark Ambuter. The track departs into an ethereal world with dubbed vocals and acoustic guitar harkening back to Brian Wilson (the Beach Boys) and elements of The Beatles. It takes a sudden turn, thrusting you into the world of rock n roll.


Straight-up screaming live vibes echo throughout the rest of the song - it throws me back to the post-90s grunge days, and actually puts many of those bands to shame. The harmonies at the end are bordering on psychadelic.


I love bands that aren't afraid to try something new, and I can say with all honesty this is a sound I have not heard in the musical landscape of today. Go check out Mark Ambuter's "37" on Spotify today!